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    Default [Event] Downtown Dingers Event 12/6 ~ 12/12

    Hello GM's

    We would like to share with you the details for the upcoming Downtown Dingers Event.

    Downtown Dingers Event

    Event 1. Special Daily Log In Event
    - Duration: 12/6 00:00 ~ 12/12 Before Maintenance (PST)
    - Details: Log In daily to obtain the Special Rewards for that day! *Bonus reward for logging in 7 consecutive days!

    ※The event resets every 00:00 PST and you will not be able to receive your log in reward if you do not reconnect.
    ※Attendance is recognized when the daily login rewards are received, you must have claimed all 7 Daily Log In rewards to qualify for the SE ALL OVR 90+ Draft x1 Bonus Reward.
    ※Bonus 7 Day Consecutive Log in Reward will be sent to mailboxes within a week after 12/12 Scheduled Maintenance, no later than 12/19.

    Event 2. Diamond Drafts 50% Discount
    - Duration: 12/5 After Maintenance ~ 12/12 Before Maintenance (PST)
    - Details: The Cost of Diamond Drafts will be discounted by 50%

    ※ Only the drafts which can be purchased with Diamonds (5 Total) are applied for the 50% Discount

    Event 3. Identical Player Boost Bonus x2
    - Duration: 12/5 After Maintenance ~ 12/12 Before Maintenance (PST)
    - Details: The bonus for using identical player will be increased by times 2.

    Event 4. Weekend League Buyout Fee Event
    - Duration: 12/7 7:00 AM PST - 12/9 6:59 AM PST
    - Details: League Buyout Fee lowered from 95% to 75%
    ※ Players are only eligible for League Buyout once they are not purchased from another User within 24 hours of being registered in the FA Market.
    ※ Tip: Place the Players you are hoping to use for the League Buyout 24 hours prior to the start of this event!

    Event 5. [Community Event] Ballpark Jigsaw 9 Community Event
    - Duration: 12/5 After Maintenance ~ 12/12 Before Maintenance (PST)
    - Details: Can you guess which Ballpark it is? Submit your answers on the Form following Maintenance to earn GP!
    - Ballpark Jigsaw #9:[▶Click Here to View Jigsaw #9 Event Page]
    ※Only the Submissions entered between the Event Duration will be counted.
    ※Any Answers submitted before the end of 12/5 Maintenance and after the start of 12/12 Maintenance will not be counted.

    Thank you!
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    Default Lame Events

    so i see were back to the old ways of gamevil and their wack events

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    Super event. Thanks.

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    Default “Patience is a virtue”

    Hey guys be a little patient. Although I also feel a bit disappointed with the current events, Gamevil has had some decent events of late and the holidays are coming around the corner. I’m almost certain they will have great events to commemorate Christmas and New Years. You hear Gamevil?

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