Greetings Heirs,

Heir of Light Wikia is under construction as we speak.
However, I am in need of assistance in completing the full Wikia.
The sign-up sheet will be available to those to would like to participate in updating the Wikia page.
I'll be selecting 10 participants from the sign-up sheet to assist me in Wikia.
Those who are recruited by me and successfully assist in completing the Wikia Page will be rewarded!
Who wants to update Heir of Light Wikia with me?!

Event Details:
Sign Up by providing all the user information and 10 users will be selected by CM_Heylel to assist in updating the Heir of Light Wikia Page
10 users selected by CM_Heylel will be contacted through Discord Chat.

Reward: ???? Karats

Recruit Date:
Sign Up Sheet: 12/5 ~ 12/10 23:59 CST

10 users selected by CM_Heylel will be contacted through Discord Chat.

Sign Up Sheet:

10 Users will be selected and notified by 12/12 CST

Notice for 10 Selected Users:

> Please note that you will be working on the ENGLISH page of HoL Wikia page
> Wikia Servant Template will be provided by CM_Heylel
> Karat Rewards will be rewarded after completing all the assigned tasks by CM_Heylel
> Wikia Servant Template must be used in creating the Servant Page however, you can add more information not provided in the temp.
> You can update any other pages besides ones tasked by CM_Heylel but will not receive more Karats.
> Detailed instruction will be provided through Discord Page.

- CM_Heylel