Hello Elunes!

Thank you all for sharing your questions for the Devs of Elune!
As you may have guessed, they have been and are continuously working tirelessly on Elune.
But since the community is just as important to the Devs as is Elune, they have spent their time to answer your questions.

Questions and Answers

What are the future plans for Elune? Will we be seeing new Elunes, PvE contents, multiplayer contents, and additional lore?
Currently, our main focus, when it comes to new content, has been adding a World Boss. We have also been planning out a new dungeon called Mimic Dungeon.
After we complete our testing and balancing for the World Boss and Mimic Dungeon, we will begin working on several more contents.
You definitely won't be disappointed with the amount of quality content we have planned for Elune.

We feel that Epic and Legendary Elunes are extremely difficult to Evolve when considering the low summon rates. Will there be easier ways to Evolve our Elunes?
At the moment, we do not have any plans on changing the Evolution System.
However, we do intend to make the Evolution process much easier.
We are currently looking into and testing different ways to make Evolving easier while maintaining the balance of the game.

Are there plans to create further growth options for our Elunes? We hope that there will be more than just obtaining Transcend +5, Max Level Skills, and Gear.
We are still discussing new development features for the future.
We'd need more time to discuss this matter since this will also disrupt the balance of the game.
In the mean time, we are considering adding a new content in which you can acquire New Equipment.

During the CBT, the flow of the game didn't feel linear. We'd finish a Dimension, then Hard Mode, then move on to the next Dimension. Because of this, the story didn't flow as it should have, and we'd forget what was going on. Will there be any changes to improve this?
We plan on making adjustments to Coco's Tasks to help with the progression of the Main Story.

We feel that Skill Gems have such a small part in the development of Elunes. Skills Gems have so much more potential and could easily change strategy and builds. Are there any plans to change how Skill Gems work?
Once we find a stable and balanced way of developing Elunes, we plan on making adjustments to Skills Gems.
Maybe we can make Skill Gems with different options and implement a variety of changes to make Skill Gems more unique and game changing.

Cleansers feel very underwhelming when you consider the amount of Buffs and Debuffs occurring during battle. Will there be any changes to the current Class system to address this?
We don't plan on making any changes to the current Class system and will keep the 7 different classes.
Instead, we are focusing on making balance changes to all of the Elunes to open up the possibility of more unique and creative teams.

The concept of Mobius Dungeon is nice, but it could be better if we were able to create special combinations of dungeons like a snowy desert (Batah + Ice Road) style dungeon. Is there a chance we can create special hybrid Mobius Dungeons by combining Cores from different Dimensions?
We haven't thought about this before and will discuss it with our team.

We noticed that the Costumes only changed the colors of the Elunes after reaching higher Grades. Will there be new costumes added, such as Holiday and Themed Costumes?
We are working on making Seasonal and Story Costumes for the Elunes and plan on consistently making more Costumes to decorate your Elunes in the future.
We hope you are as excited as we are for these Costumes and please look forward for the Exclusive Costumes we have prepared.

Gear is such an important part of any RPG, but Boss Battles are limited to only 3 times per day. Is there any chance the entry limit will be increased?
We want to ensure that increasing the limit of Boss Battles per day does not upset the balance and flow of the game.
After further testing, we will decide on either increasing the daily limits or leaving it as is.

End of Q&A

Thank you all for your questions and we will continue to do our best to make Elune as great as it can be.
We appreciate all of your love and support for Elune and ask for your continued patience as we bring you the best Elune we can.

Once again, thank you all so much for your support and patience.