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    Default [Notice] v2.4 Update Known Issue [Updated]

    Greetings Heirs,

    We would like to notify all Users 2 issue has been found on 12/17 CST after the v2.4 Update.
    Currently, only one of the known issue has been resolved and we are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
    Please see below for more details on the v2.4 known issue and we apologize for the inconveniences.

    v2.4 Update Known Issue Details:

    Issue # 1: Locked Servants unlocking upon using Avatar
    > Issue where locked servants would automatically be unlocked upon using the Avatar
    > Temporary Solution: The servant would stay locked after restarting the app. (Display issue)

    Issue # 2: Guild Dungeon Clear Issue (Resolved)
    > Issue where it would display an error message "8307" upon attempting specific Guild Dungeon Bosses

    List of Guild Bosses:
    > [Fire] Carmilla
    > [Fire] / [Forest] Laura
    > [Water] / [Forest] Usher

    > Notice: We suggest all users to not attempt all the Guild Dungeon Bosses with Issues.

    Issue # 3: Guild Dungeon Reward Issue (Resolved)
    > Issue where Guild Dungeon Points were not being calculated and would display an error popup "8312" upon clicking Guild Dungeon Reward

    Solution: v2.4.6 has been released for both Andriod and iOS. Please update the app version from v2.4.5 -> v2.4.6.

    We will make another announcement when we have resolved this issue.

    We apologize for any inconveniences that you may experience due to the v2.4 Known Issue.

    Thank you
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