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    Default account recovery/relink to main google mail

    1st of all, this is my 4th attempt to reach the dev's/gm's/admins of gamevil (heir of light). i alrdy submit 3 inquiry to the help & support page and NONE any of it got reply or respond. my issue is my main account (Heir of light) that i build for the past few month suddenly lost in track for unknonw reason (game cannot access from the hive id or goggle mail) it mostly like the game account it lost it link to any of my game id's/email. i search and roll every mails,facebook and even hive id that i hve so far and none of is linked to my main account (IGN-ZerefBlack0, server -EU). the sad thing is gamevil/ hive did not respond or reply or even trying to help me retrieve my account. it been 5days since i lost the account and i cant login anymore. i may lose all the current event reward because of this error. im begging, if ANY OF GAMEVIL/HIVE/HEIR OF LIGHT ADMINS/DEV/GM, PLS HELP ME RECOVERY MY ACCOUNT. if possible pls relinked back to it original google mail ( this is my lasr result for this tragedy. so sad T_T

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    Hello Blackzeref,

    Did you contact our customer support and if you did, were you able to solve the issue?

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