Greetings Heirs

I have just received a notice from our scouting troops that they have found Water Charlottes lurking around the forest near our territory.
They are preparing to launch their attack against us!
Take your Servants and stop a group of Charlottes' invasions

Mass Invasion Details:
- 4★ Charlotte's Mass Invasion breaks out in your Manor once during the event.
- Clear Charlotte's Mass Invasion to acquire [Water] Charlotte Servant Shards.

Mass Invasion Date:
- 1/3 00:00 AM ~ 1/5 23:59 PM CST

Notice for Charlotte's Invasion:
- At least 1 Manor should be opened for Mass Invasion to occur.
- You cannot enter the floors you've already cleared during the event.
- The Invasion Tower will not disappear even after you've cleared all floors, but will disappear at the end of the event.

Good Luck Heirs

- H