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    Default [Notice] v2.47 Update Patch Notes

    Greeting Heirs,

    Here are the details on v2.47 Update of Heir of Light.
    Please see below for detailed information about the v2.47 Update

    v2.47 Update Patch Notes Details:

    [New Combine]
    > [Forest] Leto has been added to New Combine List.
    > [Forest] Leto Combine Material List:
    - [Fire] 4★ Torhino
    - [Water] 4★ Rakshasa
    - [Forest] 4★ Usher
    - [Dark] 3★ Moira

    > [Forest] Leto can be combined after the update to 1/31/2019 23:59 and is limited to 1 combine per duration.
    > [Water] Xita is removed from the Combine List.
    > Combine List, duration, and limit per month:
    ※ Combine Duration may be subject to change according to update schedules.
    ※ No changes to Water Heylel Combine.

    [Servant Balance]
    > Several Servants have been adjusted and details are listed below.

    ① [Fire] / [Dark] Enoch
    > All of [Fire] Enoch's skills have been changed to deal AOE and skill ratio has been increased.

    ② [Fire] / [Water] / [Forest] / [Light] / [Dark] Charlotte
    [Water] / [Dark] Charlotte has changed from ATK based servant to Ignore DEF DPS Servant.
    [Fire] / [Water] / [Forest] / [Light] / [Dark] Charlotte's Combo skill ratio has been increased.

    ③ Skill Enhancement Effects Improved

    [Recommended Servant Info Updated]
    > "Recommended Servant Info" for Dungeons have been updated with the latest data.

    [Package Contents Improved]
    > Legendary Pack, 5★ Pack, and Twilight Legendary Pack contents have been improved.

    - CM_Heylel
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