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    Greetings, future Talions!

    We are here to introduce massive 20 vs 20 content of Talion: Occupy.

    Capture bases, fire catapults, and slay the enemies to achieve victory!

    Raid Overview

    Occupy is a massive 20 vs 20 battle between Alliances.

    Capture Bases and earn 5,000 Victory Points before the opposing Alliance does or earn more Victory Points within the time limit to win.


    In Occupy battle, you can select one of 4 Roles to participate in the battle.

    - Defense: Reduced Catapult Damage, Immune to Disabled Actions, PvP DEF Increase

    - Charger: PvP ATK Increase, Critical Increase, Move Speed Increase

    - Healer: Mass healing buff, mass skill cooldown buff

    - Support: Can use Catapult, Structure Repair/Destruction Speed Increase, Move Speed Increase


    There are various Structures on the map that are crucial to victory.

    - Catapult: Launches a projectile to deal damage to enemy Bases and has a knockdown effect. Available to Support only

    - Supply Pile: Supplies required to activate Catapults. Recharge the Catapults in order to activate them

    - Stable: Enables Rides for your Alliance when repaired

    - Altar: Reduces the revival time of your Alliance by 3 seconds when repaired

    - Ancient Power: Grants a powerful buff to players acquiring it


    You will receive Participation Rewards and Victory Rewards when Occupy ends.
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