Greetings Heirs,

I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Holidays~
I'll be undergoing a special challenge #7 this week with my personal account.

CM_Heylel's Weekly Challenge:
Do you think CM_Heylel can all 100th floor of Abaddon Tower (Easy) under 5 minutes of play time?
I'll be auto running the whole floors starting from 1st floor to 100th floor.

Team for the challenge:
> 6★ Lv. 62 [Fire] Carmilla (3nd Awaken)
> 6★ Lv. 64 [Water] Xita (4th Awaken)
> 6★ Lv. 66 [Water] [A] Lucien (5th Awaken)
> 6★ Lv. 62 [Water] Lenore (3rd Awaken)
> Team Passive: ATK of Water Allies increases by 52% at All Regions

Do you think I will succeed or fail the challenge?

Don't forget to Vote and comment your predictions~

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- CM_Heylel