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    Default [Event] Raid Bonus Event

    Greetings Royals.

    Amber Town will be holding Raid Bonus Event!
    We invite all Royals to participate in these fantastic events.

    ■ Event Period
    - 1/9 18:00 PM - Until Next Update (PST)

    ■ Event Details
    - Engage in the Raid battle during the event and get 3 bonus Star Shards!
    ※ Available only upon playing Multiplay -> Raid.

    ■ Event Reward

    Additionally, Log in and Receive 365 Diamonds as a reward.
    Claim Period: 1/9 12AM PST ~ 1/10 12AM PST

    ■ Event Guide
    - Bonus Star Shards can only be acquired upon playing Raid.
    - Star Shards will be sent to your Bag directly.
    - The bonus Star Shards will not be available when the event ends.
    - Events can be prematurely terminated or changed in content.
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