Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 1/10 PST!

[Inventory & Storage] Event! (until 1/11 18:00 PST)

1. Inventory Expansion costs up to 80% LESS!

2. Storage Expansion costs up to 20% LESS!

Now's your chance to grab all the items and space you need!!

BIG LUCKY CARD EVENT! (until 1/11 18:00 PST)

1. This may be the best one yet! Higher chance to draw better items using Legend Lucky Cards!

2. Chance to draw HIGHER QUALITY items with normal/Rare/Legend Lucky Card is UP UP UP!! Don't miss this golden opportunity to get some awesome items!

3. PLUS! Right now, Lucky Cards can be drawn for 50% LESS Stars!

Legend Coupon Reward Event (until 1/11 18:00 PST)

1. If you buy Stars in the Item Shop, receive an [Inventory Expansion Ticket] according to how much you spend!

4800 Stars: Legend Lucky Card x30, Slot Expansion Ticket x1000, Guaranteed Fishing Rod Luck Coupon (Lv. 80+) x10

2250 Stars: Legend Lucky Card x12, Slot Expansion Ticket x300, Guaranteed Fishing Rod Luck Coupon (Lv. 80+) x4

1260 Stars: Legend Lucky Card x4, Slot Expansion Ticket x100, Guaranteed Fishing Rod Luck Coupon (Lv. 80+) x

375 Stars: Legend Lucky Card x1, Epic Luck Card x1