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    Default [Notice] New Events! (1/15 PST)

    Hi anglers,

    Check out our new events as of 1/15 PST!

    Brilliant Golden Event (until 1/23 18:00 PST)

    1. The Great Big Golden Pig: 8 PM PST on Weekdays (1/15 ~ 1/22)

    *Celebrate the Year of the Golden Pig!
    *Catch the Great Big Golden Pig and claim an amazing prize!
    *All competition rewards will now include Bingo points.
    *The Great Big Golden Pig is stronger than ever, and its rewards are even better! Reel in this fish to get prizes like an [Epic] Universal Gem and [Epic] Costume Universal Gem!

    2. Battle Bosses 6 Times a Day! Calling ALL dinosaurs! Feast your eyes on 42 different dinosaurs during the event!

    3. Complete the BINGO Board! Play Bingo to win prizes! Every time you get a letter, you'll receive a Golden Piggy Bank! Break open the piggy bank to find rewards like an [Epic] Costume Universal Gem!

    4. Release Event! Release your fish to earn Bingo Points!

    5. Treasure Chest Event! Get your Oink Oink Box here! Open it with an Oink Oink key!

    6. Increase Gold & EXP earned by 90! Oh, and don't forget to pick up your Visitor Rewards!

    [Blue & Red Essence Capsule] for a limited time only! (until 1/16 18:00 PST)

    At least 15 essences guaranteed! Or 100 at MAX! The Essence Capsule is back!

    *Blue Essence Capsule includes:

    30 Combination Potions guaranteed! Maybe even 225! The [Blue Essence Capsule] is back!

    *Red Essence Capsule includes:

    [Enhancement Crystal Box] for a limited time only! At least 30 Essences guaranteed! Or 225 at MAX! The Essence Capsule is back!

    *Limited to one purchase each day!

    [Destiny Upgrade Potion] Reward Event! (until 1/15 18:00 PST)

    Right now, if you purchase Stars in the Item Shop, you'll also receive 1 or more [Universal Gem]!

    4800 Stars: [Legend Universal Gem x30, [Epic] Destiny Upgrade Potion (+25) x1, [Epic] Destiny Upgrade Potion (+23) x1

    2250 Stars: [Legend Universal Gem x12, [Epic] Destiny Upgrade Potion (+22) x1, [Epic] Destiny Upgrade Potion (+19) x1

    1260 Stars: [Epic] Destiny Upgrade Potion (+19) x1

    [Surprise Event] Legendary Upgrade Event ~ 1/16 18:00 PST

    Lowered Legendary upgrade requirements to:

    Enhance Lvl 30 -> 27
    Combine Lvl 60 -> 55

    Upgrade your rods to Legendary right now!!
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