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    Default Elune CBT Refund Policy Changes (Updated 1/15 PST)

    Hello Elunes,

    First of all, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued excitement and support for Elune.

    Our team has been working around the clock to polish and perfect Elune by adding many features that were missing during the Global CBT.

    We've also addressed many balance changes which may have affected the flow of the game at the time.
    In addition, we have decided to make extensive changes to the items that were available in the Shop.

    As a result, we found that it would be extremely difficult for us to send the exact items users have purchased during the CBT, since the items themselves have changed completely.
    Therefore, our team has decided to proceed with providing full refunds to those who made any purchases during the CBT.
    Additionally, you will still receive the Free Rubies from purchases made during the CBT as a special gift for your love and patience.

    Please refer to the following for details regarding the refund schedule and process.
    If any further matters need to be addressed during development, we will be sure to let you know through future announcements.

    [Elune CBT Refunds]
    1) Refund Period: 01/15/2019 8:00PM PST through multiple waves.
    2) Contact Us:
    - Custom Support (PC):
    - Customer Support (Mobile):
    3) Additonal Information:
    - As mentioned above, refunds for all purchases made during the CBT will roll out in waves.
    - You will still receive 30 Free Rubies per $10 spent during the CBT.
    - Free Rubies will be sent to your Mailbox after Elune's Official Launch.

    We will continue to work hard on making Elune the best it can be for launch.

    We hope you all have a wonderful New Year with us.
    Thank you for your continued love and support for Elune!

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