Greetings Heirs

I have just received a notice from our scouting troops that they have found [Light] Reynars within the mountain near our territory.
They are preparing to launch their attack against us!
Take your Servants and stop a group of Reynars' invasions

Mass Invasion Details:
- 4★ Reynar's Mass Invasion breaks out in your Manor once during the event.
- Clear Reynar's Mass Invasion to acquire [Light] Reynar Servant Shards.

Mass Invasion Date:
- 1/17 00:00 AM ~ 1/19 23:59 PM CST

Notice for Reynar's Invasion:
- At least 1 Manor should be opened for Mass Invasion to occur.
- You cannot enter the floors you've already cleared during the event.
- The Invasion Tower will not disappear even after you've cleared all floors but will disappear at the end of the event.

Good Luck Heirs

- H