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    Default [Notice] Patch Note Details! 1.2.5

    Heads up, Masters!

    The devs came across a few issues that will be patched along with the upcoming update.
    Check out the details below!

    Patch Notes 1.2.5

    Ranking doesn’t appear between end and start of Arena seasons
    Monthly shop item purchase error

    'Unable to purchase' error or error popup appearing upon proceeding with purchase
    Error popup appearing upon clicking on [Claim]
    In Rankings, other Masters’ heroes always showing fully equipped with gear

    Important Details
    There will be no maintenance conducted for this update.
    As posting of this notice, please go ahead and manually update from the corresponding OS market. However, if you have not updated by 1/17 5:00PM, it will be difficult to play the game normally.

    Please note: We recommend updating with Wi-Fi to ensure no data is lost.

    Your patience is greatly appreciated!

    - Friendly Giant
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    Default last bugfix update

    Hey ... this is for the devs

    With the latest update you gave us the new unique cores. Realy easy to get and a way to strong.
    Some players have over 10 of them and the other have 1 or 2.
    Realy? You destroyed the hard work from before. All before is now only waste.

    So after the latest bugfix update all of our guild didn`t find any of the new cores.
    So you changed some main things ... but the question is, why you are not telling it ?????
    Is it ok 4 you to lost all the gold for searching the new cores and we cannot find them now?
    Is that how you want to attend the community?

    You changed so much thing to get more and more money ... whats about the the Hero descriptions some of them are wrong since months? Oh ok you cannot earn money by changing such boring things, sorry for the questions. But it will be so easy to improve the game on the right things.

    i thing this game was at the first time a very nice one, but with more and more update its only changed to a game to get more cash.

    What you wanna do now?
    You stopped the new cores a bit to late. Nobody of the players with less then 2 cores have now a chance against the players with mor than 5 or more than 10. The old cores are worthless.
    Thank you for this great change.

    And btw. some of the threads will never be answered. So i thing i give the game 6 months and it is death if you dont be fair with the players.
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