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    Default [Notice] 1/17 Patch Notes

    1. Additions / Improvements

    [UI/UX Improvements]

    - New Terrastone/Guardian Spirit Bulk Growth Function
    ㄴ Use the keypad to enter the amount of times you wish to make use of this function, or press the [MAX] button.

    - Tower of Infinity will automatically move to the next floor 3 seconds after clearing a floor.

    - Arena will automatically restart 10 seconds after ending a battle.
    ㄴ If no other action is taken, Arena will run automatically until all the tickets you own are used up.

    - New Chapter 7 Mid-Boss
    ㄴ The new mid-boss will appear every hour.

    - The menu and mini map on the right side of the screen can now be hidden separately.
    ㄴ Tap the [>] button to hide.
    ㄴ Tap once: hide menu Tap twice: hide menu and mini map

    - The quests on the left side of the screen can now be hidden.
    ㄴ Tap the [<] button to hide.

    - New Pet Lock Function
    ㄴ Lock Pets by tapping the [Lock] icon after selecting a Pet in [Pet Management] > [Companion].
    ㄴ Locked Pets will be marked with a padlock and will not be included as material during Fusion.

    - New Pet List Sorting Function
    ㄴ You can sort by Rank / Level / Special Stats / Appearance.

    - You will be able to view Pet stats directly from the list of owned Pets in Pet Fusion.

    - You can now see details for items that can be used at [Larpy's Altar].

    - Summoned Pets will be visible to other users while in Town.

    - If you enter [Single Play] or [Multiplay] during a quest, you will resume the quest once you finish and exit.

    - You can now see your Prism / Diamond / Gold amounts in the Event tab.

    [Battlefield Improvements]

    - Battlefield Sentry Type Changes

    ㄴ New Battlefield Sentries

    - Improved Sentry Stats
    ㄴ Sentries will attack more often.
    ㄴ Sentries will be leveled up from Lv. 150 to Lv. 180. Sentry ATK / HP / Movement SPD will increase from this level up.

    - A buff system will be introduced to the Battlefield.

    ㄴ Sums up the CP of all players on the Battlefield, automatically giving a buff to the weaker Realm when there is a difference in CP.

    2. Adjustments / Changes

    - Auction House unlock requirements will be changed.
    ㄴ Currently: Unlocks during Chapter 1-3 main quests → New: Unlocks upon reaching Lv. 100
    ㄴ Due to these changes, any items registered by a character under Lv. 100 will be no longer be registered and returned via the Mailbox.

    - Upon entering Brawl, you'll be sorted into Aslan vs. Harmion depending on your Realm instead of being matched randomly.

    - Condition to enter Brawl has been changed back to unlocking Chapter 1-1.
    ㄴ Adjusted to be unlocked after Chapter 6 as a temporary response to hackers following the 12/20 maintenance.

    - Chapter 7 Boss Monsters appearances will no longer overlap with Brawl or Battle times.

    - Chapter 7 Field Monster rewards will be adjusted.
    ㄴ Due to the addition of a new mid-boss, normal monster reward drop rates have been reduced to compensate for increased boss drops.

    - Users using hacks to adjust their Attack Speed or Movement Speed will be automatically disconnected.

    - Energy Bubbles will now be refilled upon re-starting Arena.

    - Locked items will no longer be displayed as available at [Larpy's Altar].

    - Skill use was ignored when encountering an enemy for the first time.

    - Characters would stop during Auto-Battle Hunting.

    - Auto Skill Lock would not register and used an Energy Bubble.

    - Terrastone amounts were not updated in real time when used as enhancement material.

    - An error message displayed when moving to Chapter 7 siege areas with Quick Slots active.

    - Characters were damaged even when staying out of Boss Monster Catastroph's attack range.

    - A Pet collection error pop-up appeared after touching an egg that has finished Hatching.

    - Unlock condition pop-up did not display when tapping a locked slot in the Incubator.

    - Pet Ranks were displayed in the previous language upon changing in-game language settings.

    - Text for the Lucky Pouch Package overlapped in English.

    - Information for the Spirit's Plumage item was not displayed when acquired.

    - Rest Rewards were displayed in the info when acquiring Equipment Enhance Stones.

    - Certain devices had screen gaps to the sides.

    3. Shop Additions / Improvements / Changes

    - Effects for Shop-purchased Summon Tickets will be simplified when you use [Open Again].

    - There will now be several banners in the HOT SALE tab at the Shop.
    ㄴ Tap the button on the bottom-left to check all available banners.

    - Purchase limits for the Accessory Transcend Pack have been increased from 3 times per 7 days to 5 times per 7 days.

    - 4 New Boost Up Packs
    ㄴ You can find them at Shop > Event > Boost Up. Available only once per character.

    ㄴ Boost Up Package Ⅰ

    ㄴ Boost Up Package Ⅱ

    ㄴ Boost Up Package Ⅲ

    ㄴ Boost Up Package Ⅳ

    - New Celestial Guardian Growth Package
    ㄴ Can be found at Shop > Special > Best Benefits. Can be purchased twice every 7 days.

    ㄴ Celestial Guardian Growth Package

    - New Enhance Support Package
    ㄴ Can be found at Shop > Special > Growth Specialization. Can be purchased 6 times every 7 days.

    ㄴ Enhance Support Package

    - New Elixir Growth Package
    ㄴ Can be found at Shop > Special > Growth Specialization.

    ㄴ Elixir Growth Package

    - New Seasonal Martial Artist Costume Set
    ㄴ Can be found at Shop > Event > Special Sale. Can be purchased once per character.
    ㄴ The following Costume set has the ability to increase Movement Speed.
    ㄴ The following package will be available until the 1/20 (Wed) maintenance.

    ㄴ Seasonal Martial Artist Costume Set

    - New Currency Type Follower Packages
    ㄴ 3 new Follower Packages: Gold (Alwadi) / Prisms (Yuris) / Diamonds (Moladi).
    ㄴ Can be found at Shop > Event > Special Sale.
    ㄴ These packages will be sold up till 1/30 (Wed) maintenance.

    ㄴ Gold (Alwadi) Follower Package

    ㄴ Prisms (Yuris) Follower Package

    ㄴ Diamonds (Moladi) Follower Package

    - Planar / Celestial Crystal Summon Ticket Rate Renewal
    ㄴ Summon Planar / Celestial Crystals at Shop > Summon Ticket > Planar Crystal.
    ㄴ Purchase 10+1 Tickets and you are guaranteed 1 Celestial Ticket.

    ㄴ Planar Crystal Summon Ticket Rate Adjustments

    ㄴ Celestial Crystal Summon Ticket Rate Adjustments

    - Certain packages come with a bonus reward of Lucky Stones upon purchase.
    ㄴ Lucky Stone amounts and bonus reward conditions differs between each package.
    ㄴ Claim bonus rewards by tapping the [Claim] button on the package pop up message.

    ㄴ Lucky Stones Packages

    - The following packages will no longer be sold.
    ㄴ Special > Best Benefits [Soldite Package]
    ㄴ Special > Best Benefits [Moonstone Package]
    ㄴ Special > Growth Specialization [Elixir Brewing Package]
    ㄴ Special > Growth Specialization [Successor’s Special Growth Package]
    ㄴ Event > Special Sale [Lucky Pouch Package]
    ㄴ Event > Special Sale [4 Follower Packages (ATK / DEF / Boss / PvP)]
    ㄴ Event > Special Sale [3 Off Season Costume Packages (Fun in the Sun / Halloween / Police)]

    4. Events / Changes

    - The following events are scheduled to take place.
    ㄴ Daily Dungeon Double Event (After 1/17 maintenance until 1/30 maintenance)
    ㄴ Diamond Rebate Event (After 1/17 maintenance until 1/23 06:59 AM)

    - The following event is ending.
    ㄴ Raid Bonus Event (Until 1/17 maintenance)
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