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    Default [Notice] v2.5 Update Patch Notes

    Greeting Heirs,

    Here are the details on v2.5 Update of Heir of Light.
    Please see below for detailed information about the v2.5 Update

    v2.5 Update Patch Notes Details:

    [Transcendence Max Level Increase]

    > Transcendence Level has increased from 3 to 5.
    > Method of Transcendence and materials are same as before.
    > You can check the Transcendence effect and additional stats from the Transcendence menu

    ▶Level Increase per Transcendence

    ▶ Gold Cost per Transcendence

    [Infinite PvP - NEW Co-Destruction System]
    > Co-Destruction system is being added to Infinite PvP.

    ▶What is Co-Destruction?
    > Co-Destruction is a new system that prevents the activation of passive skills for identical Servants of the same Element on opposing sides.
    > However, if they are at different Transcendence stages, only the lower level Servant’s passive skill will not activate.

    ▶Co-Destruction Activation
    > Co-Destruction only applies to Infinite PvP BETA.
    > Only activates if the Servants and Servants' Element are the same. (Not including Relation Effects)
    > When conditions are met, passive skills activate in the following manner:

    > Co-Destruction stays active until the battle has ended, even upon the death of the Servant(s) that activated it.
    > When Co-Destruction is activated, the following icon will be displayed next to the Servant's portrait.

    [Awakening Dungeon 12th Floor]
    > Awakening Dungeon 12th Floor has been added.
    > Awakening Dungeon 12th Floor can be attempted 3 times per day and can attempt 3 more times with Karats. (100 Karats per additional entry up to 3 times)
    > Awakening Dungeon 12 Floor Team will be saved same as 11th Floor.
    > Awakening Dungeon 12th floor requirements

    > Awakening Dungeon 12th Floor Valor Cost and Clear Rewards


    [Repeat Battle Improvements]
    ① Repeat Battle Option Added to Awakening Material Dungeon 11F&12F

    > A new option has been added to the Repeat Battle feature for Awakening Material Dungeon Floors 11 and 12.
    > The [Use Karats to Continue] option is now available in the Repeat Battle options menu.
    > You can enter up to 3 additional times upon choosing this option. It will cost 50 Karats per entry for 11F and 100 Karats per entry for 12F.

    ② Extra Option during Auto-Repeat in Exploration Tiles Added

    ▶6★ Servant Skill Usage Only Option
    > [6★ Servant Skill Usage Only] feature during Auto-Repeat has been added.
    > This feature will only allow 6★ servants to use their skills.

    ▶Servant Auto Replace Upon Reaching Max Level
    > An option to Auto-Replace Servants that reach Max Level during Repeat Battle has been added.
    > If a selected Servant reaches Max Level during Repeat Battle, the battle will continue once the Servant has been swapped for a designated replacement.
    > If no Servant is selected before starting the battle, Auto-Replace will not take place.

    ① Replace Position Settings
    > At least 1 slot must be set for Auto-Replace to work. (Will work even if set/registered afterwards)

    ② Replace Servant Settings
    > You must select at least 1 option each from the [Current Grade/Origin Grade] section of the Auto-Replace Settings.
    Ex) By selecting Origin Grade 3★, Current Grade 3, 4, 5★, a Servant that has an Origin Grade of 3★ while being 3, 4, 5★ will be used as a replacement.
    > Tap the [Confirm] button afterwards to save your settings.
    > By selecting the Grade of the replacement Servant, you can check how many of that Grade is available from your Inventory.
    > Skill Buns, Mini Skill Buns, and Servant-specific Skill Buns are not eligible to be replacement Servants.

    [New Servant, 5★ [A] Sphinx]
    > New Servant, [A] Sphinx the First Angel, has been added.

    > Servant Info

    > [A] Sphinx's shards can be obtained from the Lucky Chest
    > Rate+ Summon Servants have been changed

    [Ankou the Ruler of Darkness Avatar]

    > Ankou the Ruler of Darkness Avatar has been added.
    > Ankou the Ruler of Darkness Avatar is on sale for $9.99 as a New Avatar Promotion.
    > Winter Sinistra Avatar sale has ended and can be purchased in the Shop for $14.99.

    [2 New Summon Stones]
    > Attack Transcendent Summon Stones and Loyal Transcendent Summon Stones have been added.
    > Attack Transcendent Summon Stones summon 5★ DPS Servants, while Loyal Transcendent Summon Stones summon 5★ Tank, Support, and Healer Servants.
    > The new Attack and Loyal Transcendent Summon Stones will not summon new 5★ Servants from after the 2.4 update.
    (Cannot summon Ezebell & [A] Sphinx. Any updates to the list will be made through a separate notice.)
    > This item will not be sold in the Shop and can only be acquired through specific events.

    ◆Servant Balance◆
    > Several Servants have been adjusted and balanced.

    [Servant Balance]
    ① Healer Class Servants Improved

    ② Tank Class Servants Improved

    ③ [Light] Rem Improved

    ④ [Dark] Leto Improved

    ⑤ [Dark] Sinistra Improved

    ⑥ [Light] [A] Lucien Improved

    [Damage Effect]
    ① [Increase Damage Received] Buff Improved

    > The effect of [Increase Damage Received] has been improved due to the change in calculation formula.
    > Even if you had same stats before the update, the damage dealt will increase as Crit Damage & [Damage increase] from Skill Up Effect increases.

    ② [Damage increase] Passive Skill
    > Overall damage has been increased due to the improvement of [Damage Increase] passive skill.

    > [Damage Increase] amount has been changed due to the Servant Balance.

    ③ [Relation Effect] Damage
    > The % has been decreased however, the overall damage has been increased due to the [Relation Effect] damage improvement

    [Skill Enhance Effect & Awakening Display Effect]
    > Skill Enhance Effect and Awakening Display Effect has been improved for several servants

    ① Skill Enhance Effect Changed
    > Several 4~5★ servants' Skill Enhance Effect has been improved.

    ▶5★ Servants

    ▶4★ Servants

    ② 3rd / 4th / 5th Awakening Display Effect Added.
    > 3rd / 4th / 5th Awakening Display Effect for following servants have been added.
    * 5★ Servants : [A] Lucien, Carmilla, Sphinx
    * 5★ Avatar : Carmilla

    [1st / 2nd/ 3rd Transcendence Effect]
    > Additional Stat upon Transcendence has been changed for several servants

    [Relation Effect]
    > Relation Effect for several servants has been added and improved.

    ① 4~5★ Servant's Relation Effect has been improved.

    ② Relation Effect for Enoch and Executioner has been added.

    ◆ Improvement◆
    [5★ Servant Rate]

    > 5★ Servant rate from Twilight Summon Stone and Rate+ Summon has been increased.
    > Special Servant Rate for Rate+ Summon has been increased.

    [Accuracy and Resist Max Cap]
    > Max Stat Cap for Accuracy and Resist has been increased.
    > Accuracy and Resist stat can go over 100%.
    > The stat will be displayed in Orange when it reaches or goes over the Max Cap.

    > Minimum amount of [Skill Resist - Skill Accuracy] (Effect Resist Rate) is !5% and Max amount is 90%
    > You can have Effect Resist Rate of 15% ~ 90%. (Effect Resist Rate = Resist - Accuracy)
    > You can have Effect Accuracy Rate of 10% ~ 85% (Effect Accuracy Rate = 1 - Effect Resist Rate)
    > When the Effect Accuracy Rate is higher than Effect Resist rate, it will still have 15% Resist Rate.
    > When the Effect Resist Rate is higher than Effect Accuracy rate, it will still have 10% Accuracy Rate.
    Ex) Resist 200% & Accuracy 100%.
    The Resist is 100% higher than the accuracy, however, because the max rate is 90%, you will have the accuracy rate of 10%.
    Ex) Resist 100% & Accuracy 120%
    The Accuracy rate is 100% however, the minimum rate of Resist is 15%, so you will have 80% Accuracy Rate.

    [Resist Stat amount increased in Gears]
    > Resist stats in Gears (Primary / Secondary) and HP stats in Gears (Secondary) have been increased.

    ① Resist Stat increase per Gear Enhance Level (Primary Stat)
    > Gears with Primary Stat of Resist will be changed according to the chart below.

    ② Resist & HP Stat increase per Gear Enhance Level (Secondary Stat)

    [CP Calculation Changes]
    > CP displayed for Servants has been changed due to the change in CP calculation formula.
    > CP has been changed according to servant's stats.
    > ATK stat and SPD stat effect on CP has been reduced and increased HP, DEF, Resist, and Accuracy Stat effect on CP.

    [Craft Improvement]
    > Increased the rate of Craft Materials and decreased gear rate on Sanctuary Tiles.
    > Decreased Materials required for [Light] / [Dark] Select Summon & [Fire] / [Water] / [Forest] Select Summon.

    [Additional Requirement to enter Awakening Dungeon 11th Floor Added]
    > Additional Requirement to enter the Awakening Dungeon 11th Floor has been added.

    [Awakening Dungeon 11th and 12th Floor "Faltering Calamity" Skill Changes]
    > "Faltering Calamity" skill has been changed do to "Def Ignore" damage in Awakening Dungeon 11th & 12th Floor.

    [Repeat Reward Max Count Increased]
    > Max Count for Repeat Reward has been increased from 200 to 300

    [Removed Several tiles from World Map]
    > 18 tiles and 4 Cult Estate is removed from the World Map
    > [State Clear] Quest will be changed due to the removal of tiles.
    (Shine of King Derik 1-9 Quest has been reorganized.
    > Star Rewards requirement have been adjusted due to the removal of tiles.

    [NAT Grade display in Servant Info]

    > Nat Grade will be indicated with numbers in the Servant Info (1 Star servants are excluded)

    [Combo Skill Change in the Battle Prep]

    > Combo Skill Mark for Servants with Avatars can be changed in the battle prep
    > Press [▼] button to change the Combo Skill Mark.
    > Changed Combo Skill Mark will be applied to all Contents.

    [Skill Prioritization changes in Infinite PvP]
    > Heal Skill will be prioritized over Combo Skill in Infinite PvP.
    > Combo Skill will be prioritized over Heal in PvP.

    [Team Setting per World Raid Boss]
    > Team will be saved per World Raid.
    > You must set your World Raid Teams again due to the addition of feature to save Teams.

    [Friend Invite Event Ended]
    > Friend Invite 2x Reward Event has ended.
    > Invite Rewards have been changed to the original rewards (Epic Summon Stone x 5 + 300 Karats)
    > Friend invite limit has not been changed (30 invites)

    [Requirement for Servant Review Change]
    > Requirement to write a servant review has been changed.
    > Servant Reviews have been cleared due to the changes.

    [Chat Improvement]

    > Main Chat Room for all servers has been changed to Room 1 (Except Chinese language. Main chatroom number is 101)
    > Color indicators have been added to display servants according to their element in Chat.

    [Petrify Gear Immunity Time Changes]
    > Servants that were petrified due to the Petrify Gear will be immune to petrify for the next 25 seconds.

    [Battery Saving Mode Improvement]
    > Battery Saving Mode will be deactivated when any device buttons are pressed or when you receive a call.
    > Press the Battery Saving Mode to activate the Battery Saving Mode again.
    > Battery Saving Mode will deactivate when all valors are used or when all auto-repeat counts are used.

    [User Info Improvement]

    > You can now view user info by just clicking on the servant icon from the User info.

    [Winter Sinistra Avatar Improvement]

    > Quality of Winter Sinistra Avatar for [Dark] Sinistra has been improved.

    [Display Order of Servant Shards in the Summon Menu]

    > Display Order of Servants Shards have been changed in the Summon Menu
    Display Order: Skill Bun Shards >5★ Servant Shard >4★ Servant Shards >3★Servant Shards

    [Fever Gauge Pop Up Improvement]

    > A pop up will be displayed when you reach Fever Gauge Lv. 3

    [Google Login for iOS Devices]
    > Google Account Log in option has been added for iOS devices.

    [Servant Relation Effect Display Improvement]
    > Relation Effect Skills can be viewed in the Passive Skill Info
    > Relation Effect will be activated after 4th Awakening.

    ▶ Before 4th Awakening: Not Activated (Gray Text)

    ▶ After 4th Awakening: Activated (Red Text)

    [Notification for Servants in Invasion Team]

    > A message will be displayed to indicate the location of servants when trying to use as Evolve and Enhance Materials.
    > Location Message will be displayed under Error Message.

    [Rate+ Summon Category]

    > New Rate+ Summon Category has been Added.

    [New Servant Pack]

    > New Servant Pack has been added to the shop.
    > New Servant Pack will be available for limited time only.
    ▶Pack Contents
    [A] Sphinx Select Summon ([Fire] / [Water] / [Forest])
    Karat x 2,700
    Gold x 300,000

    [Double Summon Shard Pack]

    > Double Summon Shard Pack has been added to the shop.
    > Receive double the Servant Shards from Explore for 7 days.
    > Double Summon Shard Pack will be available for limited time only.
    > The duration of 7 days will start from the time of the purchase.
    ▶ Pack Contents
    Servant Shard Rate 2x Buff (7 Days)
    Karats x 400
    Valor x 100 (Daily for 7 Days)

    [Twilight Summon Pack Contents Improvement]
    > Contents in Twilight Summon Packs has been increased.

    ▶ Pack Shop (Limited Time)

    ▶Shop (Permanent)

    [Gear Pack Renewal]

    > Gear Pack has been revamped.
    > Changed to select Gear Set, Gear Part, and Main Options.
    > Gear Pack will be available for limited time only.
    ▶ Pack Contents

    [Pack Sale End]
    > Following Pack Sales have ended

    ◆Bug Fixes◆
    > Fixed an issue where equipping/unequipping an Avatar caused a locked Servant to become unlocked.
    > Fixed an issue where using consecutive enhancement more than 20 times with Nox App Player caused consecutive enhancement to crash.
    > Fixed an issue where going back in PvP Log after preparing for battle caused the wrong season ending time to display.
    > Fixed an issue where Japanese characters were not properly displayed during Infinite PvP entry if the game language was Korean.
    > Fixed an issue where if you didn't enter the Lobby after the date changed, the effect of not spending Valor after midnight from a special reward did not go into effect.
    > Fixed an issue where if the ending pop-up did not display upon cancelling Repeat Battle, pressing Retry had Repeat Battle continuing.
    > Fixed an issue where the text displayed upon a Servant at 3rd-5th Awakening and having a Combo Skill buff active using Combo Skills was incorrect.
    > Fixed an issue where you could not Dismiss a Servant that was Training upon quitting the Guild.
    > Fixed an issue where the screen appeared to freeze when entering Repeat Battle Power Saving mode after purchasing items/entering the package shop using the menu to the right of the Lobby.
    > Fixed an issue where Rhamaan and Gretel were shown as 1★ during the Tutorial.
    > Fixed an issue where Water [A] Heylel's 1st skill's growth effects were incorrectly applied.
    > Fixed an issue where Medjed's Combo Skill did not deal damage to the opponent.
    > Fixed an issue where the pause window would occasionally pop up during and stop Repeat Battle by preventing the pause window from appearing altogether.
    > Fixed an issue where using a melee-viewpoint for the camera during Exploration caused the camera angle for Guild Dungeon mid-boss/boss fights to be in that angle as well.
    > Fixed an issue where the camera for Guild Dungeon mid-boss/boss moved too slowly from too far away and thus disrupted the image.
    > Fixed an issue where the discrepancy between server time and device time caused the timestamps in chat for Servant success/enhance/Mystery Dungeon was incorrect.
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