Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 1/22 PST!

Step Up Package's New Offer! (until 1/26 PST)

Step Up Package's new offer! [Grace of Golden Habaek] Update! Get [Golden Habaek] at an amazing price!

A limited-time deal! Check out the latest Step up Package, offering a new [Golden Habaek's Costume Box]!

1st step, Legend Premium Amulet (+25) x10 + Premium Upgrade Scroll x100

-At Steps 2 and 4, you receive [Random] Golden Habaek Costume Box! You get random costume parts from Golden Habaek!

-At Step 6, the last step, you receive [Select] Golden Habaek!

Buy packages by steps to get the items you want!

New Purchase System! [Step Up Package] (until 1/26 PST)

Buy Step 1, and Step 2 becomes available!
Buy Step 2, and Step 3 becomes available!
Buy Step 3, and Step 4 becomes available!
Buy Step 4, and Step 5 becomes available!
Buy Step 5, and Step 6 becomes available!

Step Up Package Update has a total of six steps! This Package is a limited-time deal, so you can get the best item!

A limited-time deal! check out the latest Step Up Package, offering the new [Golden Habaek Costume Box]!

Upgrade Event with Bigger Bonuses! (until 1/22 18:00 PST)

1. Upgraded version of [Enhancement Crystal box] for a limited time only! At least 30 Essences guaranteed! Or 225 at MAX! The Essence Capsule is back!

2. 40% off upgrade costs/upgrade failure recovery costs!

3. VIP Upgrade Event! Upgrade Costs and Recovery Discount! upgrade Mileage is now ON!

4. Better items gained through Pearl opens! Get them before they clam up!

Special! Float Lucky Upgrade Event! (until 1/22 18:00 PST)

A special Float Lucky Upgrade Event! *Once Only* A special one-time Float Lucky upgrade event celebrating the New Year!

For those who've had trouble with Floats, this New Year event is for you!

*One Special Chance!*
An extra special Float Lucky Upgrade event!

1. All [Epic/Legend] Floats' upgrade success rates rise sharply!
2. [Epic] Float's Lucky Upgrade Lv. 19 -> Lv. 20 success guaranteed!
3. [Legend] Float's Lucky Upgrade Lv. 17 -> Lv. 28 success guaranteed!
4. [Legend] Float's Lucky Upgrade Lv. 20 -> Lv. 21 success guaranteed!
5. [Legend] Float's Lucky Upgrade Lv. 22 -> Lv. 23 success guaranteed!

BONUS Pearls Event~! (until 1/22 18:00 PST)

Buy Stars and get Pearls, Premium Item Scrolls, and Premium Invitations as bonus gifts! It's a WIN-WIN-WIN!

4800 Stars: Pearl x500, Premium item Scroll x10, Premium Invitation x22

2250 Stars: Pearl x230, Premium item Scroll x5, Premium Invitation x10

1260 Stars: Pearl x130, Premium Item Scroll x5

375 Stars: Pearl x35, Premium Invitation x3