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    Default [Notice] A Fresh Start - January Update Plans

    Hello everyone! Arcain here.

    We plan to bring you game-related news and updates through these developer notes from here on out.
    I hope this will help satisfy your curiosity about the development process and the status of ongoing bug fixes.
    Well then, let's get started.

    "For this iteration, I'd like to let everyone know about our finalized plans for January. This update will contain system changes, fixes, and quality-of-life improvements.
    First off we have..."

    1. New Growth Button

    2. Menu Hiding

    The above will be put into effect as scheduled.
    Additionally, we've incorporated the following changes based on user feedback:

    1. Realm v. Realm matching upon entering Brawl.

    2. Modifying Chapter 7's Boss appearances so that they don't overlap with the times that Battlefield and Brawl are open.

    3. Being able to see Pets that belong to other players in Town, not just your own.

    There have also been a couple of bugs that have been brought to our attention...

    1. Skills use being ignored when encountering an enemy for the first time.

    2. Character movement stopping during Auto-Battle Hunting.

    3. Button occasionally not working during Terrastone enhancement.

    These and other bugs have now been fixed.

    As for the following, however,

    1. Removal of chatting between Realms upon entering Chapter 7.

    2. Improvements to same-area revival

    3. Realm mark changes

    these issues were not considered a priority and, therefore, were not included in the January update.

    Realm to Realm chat was created as a way for confrontations to be visible via the chat in real-time, fitting in with the concept we had in Chapter 7. However, due to a large volume of user complaints, we've decided to re-evaluate this feature and are looking into a way to adding an option that allows players to hide the chat.

    In regards to same-area revival, we've had requests to remove the feature altogether, along with demands to keep it. Our development team believes that the dissatisfaction with same-area revival has to do with the bug that prevents skill use when encountering enemies for the first time. Therefore, we've decided to fix the bug first, before making any decisions on this matter (Bug will be fixed in the coming update.) Once the bug has been dealt with, we'll be sure to take a much closer look at this feature.

    The Realm mark change has been postponed to February, as we believe the image needs some more work. Barring any issues, we will be happy to announce any relevant details and additional quality-of-life features the day before the patch.

    And last but not least, here are our development plans for after January.

    We're currently planning on revamping and improving the Battlefield, one of Royal Blood's most important features.
    Due to the large amount of feedback we received regarding a very central issue, Realm imbalance, we have put much thought and discussion into finding a solution.
    While we've considered the idea of merging servers as many players have suggested, we believe that we should explore other options for resolving this issue first.

    Therefore, the following measures will be implemented in-game.

    1) Battlefield Sentry Adjustments and Improvements

    - The Sentries located around the Battlefield will be placed in melee/ranged formations in order to provide more complexity.

    - The number of attacks from Sentries has been increased, while their average levels go from 150 to 180, increasing their ATK, HP, and Movement Speed.

    2) New Battlefield Buff System

    - The CP of all players will be totaled up, and a buff effect will be automatically granted to the weaker Realm, based on the CP difference between Realms.

    (CP differences and buff effects are still being tested and may be subject to change later on.)

    Both of the above measures will be put into effect once the 1/16 update is live.

    For the future, we are considering a merging of the Nostren/Kablo servers. As Royal Blood is beloved in multiple countries, we will give every opinion due consideration.
    We will inform everyone as soon as we can if we decide to combine servers.
    We'll do our best to repay all the love and support you've given us.

    Thank you.
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