Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 1/23 PST!

Gem Upgrade Event! (until 1/24 18:00 PST)

Make those shiny Jewels even more powerful! The Gem Upgrade Event for fishing Superstars is about to begin!

1. 20% discount on Jewel Upgrade costs! Receive a whopping 50% discount on Gold when you upgrade your Jewels! Create the strongest Jewels possible, now with even more Gold at your disposal!

2. Increased Upgrade chances! Upgrade chances will be based on the upgrade level of the material Jewel!

3. The Enhance rate of Legendary Jewels will be 100% when you use [Rare] or higher grade +15 Jewels!

Enhance your Jewels now!

BIG EVENT: Treasure Chests Galore! (until 1/24 18:00 PST)

1. [Mysterious Jewel Chests] available now!

A chance to claim one out of [Legend] Random Jewel Box, [Epic] Random Jewel Box, and [Normal] Random Jewel Box!

*Mysterious Jewel Box now available for sale at the Shop!

2. Jewel Polish Box: Now Available!

Test your luck! A chance to claim [Legend] Jewel Transmute, [Legend] Jewel Option Change Ticket, [Legend] Jewel Option Rest, and many more items!

NEW! Limited Offer on [Gold Bar Bag]! (until 1/24 18:00 PST)

Enjoy the limited time offer on the new [Gold Bar Bag]! don't miss out on this GOLDEN opportunity to get Gold!

1. Gold Bar Bag I

A minimum of 10 million Gold guaranteed! Enjoy higher chances of obtaining 20 million Gold! You can get up to 40 million Gold! Check out the [Gold Bar Bag I] at the item shop NOW!

2. Gold Bar Bag II

It's raining Gold! A minimum of 40 million Gold guaranteed! But wait, that's not all! you can get up to 100 million Gold! Check out the [Gold Bar Bag II] at the item shop NOW!

*Any Gold exceeding the max limit of 99,999,999 Gold will disappear
*Be sure to check the current amount of gold you own before buying and opening the Gold Bar Bag

New Jewel Offers! (until 1/24 18:00 PST)

1. New [Random] ultimate Jewel Box now available!

Obtain 1 Red Diamond Jewel Box now available!

Obtain 1 Red Diamond Jewel Box/Alexandrite Jewel Box, Musgravite Jewel Box!!

Bonus included during the event: 3 purchase - 1 [Random] ultimate Jewel Box! Visit the Item Shop and get your hands on the Jewel!

Premium Enhance Stone Rewards Event (until 1/23 18:00 PST)

4800 Stars: [Legend] Random Jewel Box x3, [Rare] Random Jewelry Box x30, Jewel Polish Selection Box x2

2250 Stars: [Legend] Random Jewel Box x1, [Rare] Random Jewelry Box x10, Jewel Polish Selection Box x1

1260 Stars: [Epic] Random Jewelry Box x1, [Normal] Random Jewel Box x5

Check out the Item Shop NOW!

If you buy Stars in the Item Shop, it's the easiest way to increase your stats!