Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 1/24 PST!

Rod/Reel Combining Event (until 1/25 18:00 PST)

Now's your chance to add Special stats to your Rod and Reel!

*Grab the best Limited Combine Materials and an Epic Lucky Card!

1. Increased chance to add Special Stats when you Combine your Rod/Reel!

2. Combine Resets are available in the Item Shop for 50% LESS Stars!

3. Right now, Epic Lucky Cards are up to 50% OFF!

4. Higher chance to earn synthetic material! higher chance to find synthetic material in Epic Lucky Card! Upgrade your equipment to the MAX level!

Go after bigger, more challenging fish using your newly combined gear!

Special Stats Package Event (until 1/25 18:00 PST)

Special items will be sold.

Special Stats Special Package: Synthetic Stats Removal Ticket x2, Legend Synthetic Material x2, [Epic] Advanced Enhance Stone Random Box x1

Special Stats Package: Synthetic Stats Removal Ticket x1, Legend Synthetic Material x1

*Available only to the first 500 users, they can be purchased once per day
*What is a Synthetic Stats Removal Ticket?: It's a special item that can completely remove one of the Synthetic Stats on your fishing rod

[Synthetic Material] Reward Event (until 1/25 18:00 PST)

[Synthetic Material] Purchase Rewards Increased!

4800 Stars: Ultimate-level Synthetic Material x3, Legend Synthetic Material x15, Epic Luck Coupon x20

2250 Stars: Legend Synthetic Material x7, Epic Luck Coupon x8

1260 Stars: Epic Synthetic Material x7, Epic Luck Coupon x8

375 Stars: Epic Synthetic Material x3

Make sure to visit the Item Shop and don't miss out on these legendary events!