Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 1/28 PST!

Premium Master Summon Event (until 1/4 18:00 PST)

*Upgrade all Masters to SSS Rank!*

1. 50% OFF the Premium 10+1 Summon! Now's your chance to acquire Master Pieces for 50% discount the cost!

2. 100% CHANCE to get 20 [Rebecca] Master Pieces as a Premium 10+1 Summon BONUS gift!

This is a great opportunity for you to Summon/Promote Fishing Master [Rebecca]!

*Additional 20 pieces will NOT be given if you summon the Master using a Premium Summon Card.

Advanced Master Box! (until 1/29 18:00 PST)

1. [Random] Advanced Master Box now available!

Get the Pieces of the Advanced Masters you've always wanted from this [Random] Advanced Master Box!

2. [Select] Master Box Now Available!

Get the Master Pieces you need the most from this [Select] Master Box!

Master EXP Premium Rewards Event!! (until 1/29 18:00 PST)

4800 Stars: Premium Summon Card x100, Master EXP +5000 x20, Plump Blowfish Bait x500

2250 Stars: Premium Summon Card x30, Master EXP +5000 x10, Plump Blowfish Bait x200

1260 Stars: Premium Summon Card x10, Master EXP +5000 x3, Plump Blowfish Bait x100

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Erica's Special Attendance Event (until 1/29 18:00 PST)

Erica's Attendance Rewards are finally back! In addition to existing login rewards, get even more rewards with Erica's Attendance Rewards! you will receive items every day for 21 days starting from the purchase date.

The rewards will be available after purchase. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to acquire the new Master [Adela/Santa Adela].