Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 1/29 PST!

Find the Hometown Road Map! (until 1/4 18:00 PST)

A Special Quest Scroll Mission for Lunar New Year!

Magpipe Puff is in Trouble!

Magpipe Puff lost his hometown map on his way home! Get an SS-Rank Quest Scroll, and find Magpipe Puff's Hometown Map.

Disassemble 1 Quest Scroll Design and get 2 pieces of the SS-Rank Quest Scroll Hometown Road Map! Collect 25 pieces of the Road Map to make 1 SS-Rank Quest Scroll. Get the Torn Hometown Road Map from events like the Release and Lucky Bag events!

Complete missions and get Lucky Bags containing SSS-Rank Quest Scrolls, Star Random Silk Boxes, Float Lucky Upgrade Scrolls, and more!

Find the Lucky Bag! (until 2/11 18:00 PST)

A special kind of Lunar New Year Event!

1. Get Premium Fishing Rod Designs from Lucky Bags!

Open a Lucky Bag, and get one random item from each of the following categories: Design and Item! If you're lucky, you could even get a Queen Persephone Design!

Find Lucky Bags from the following events!

-Catch Magpipe Puff! (15 bags max per day)
-Release Epic Fish at Midnight Port!
-Competitions/Visitors Rewards and more!

2. The Magpipe Puff is here!

A special fish called Magpipe Puff is here for Lunar New Year! Catch a Magpipe Puff and get a Lucky Bag! Enjoy the special Lunar New Year Event!

Special Lucky Bag on Sale (until 2/11 18:00 PST)

*Lunar New Year Special*

This year's Lunar New year is a special one! And what could be better than a special Lucky Bag to go with it?! Get Designs from this Lucky Bag!

Collect designs to get a Fishing Rod! Also, don't miss out on this golden opportunity to get a Premium Fishing rod Design!

1. Limited Time Offer: [Random] Fishing Rod Design Lucky Bag! Get a random Premium Fishing Rod Design from the [Random] fishing Rod Design Lucky Bag! Test your luck now!

2. Limited Offer: [Select] Fishing Rod Design Lucky Bag! Select one Premium Fishing rod Design from the [Select] Fishing Rod Design Lucky Bag! Remember, the choice is yours!