Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 1/30 PST!

Everything is Tripled! (until 2/11 18:00 PST)

Lunar New Year Special! Everything is tripled!

*1% Stars Triple Payback Event!*

- During the event, if you purchase over $99.99, we will pay you back triple of 1% of the Stars you used!
- It's perfectly fine even if you make multiple purchases of $9.99, $29.99, $49.99, or more!

As long as your total purchases exceed $99.99, you are guaranteed a Star payback!

*The Stars payback will be sent to you within 15 days after the event ends.

Growth Package Reset! (until 2/11 18:00 PST)

Let the special Lunar New Year Event begin!

1. Growth Package / Growth Package PLUS Reset! This PLUS Reset is for those who've already purchased the Growth Package! Give this package another shot!

2. Limited Growth Package Reset! Reset the Limited Growth Package in celebration of Lunar New Year!

Here's your second chance to earn lots of Stars! Check the banner now!

Unprecedented Star Bonus Rewards (until 1/31 18:00 PST)

1. Fishing Superstars has prepared Star Bonus rewards you've never seen before!

4800 Stars > 16,800 Stars (Plus 12,000 Stars!)

2250 Stars > 6750 Stars (Plus 4500 Stars!)

1260 Stars > 3060 Stars (Plus 1800 Stars!)

375 Stars > 750 Stars (Plus 375 Stars!)

*Additional rewards vary, so please check each item's description in [Item Shop > Star/Gold]

A reward event where you can receive up to 3.5x what you paid for!

2. Energy products are on sale at the item shop.