Greetings Heirs

The Usher has been contaminated by the Dark Blood and lost control of himself.
He is posing a great threat to the Church of the Morning Star.
I, Heylel of the Morning Star, have a special mission to all Heirs.
Defeat Usher and prevent him from reaching the Church of the Morning Star.

Go Now!

Invasion Details:
- 4★ Usher's Mass Invasion breaks out in your Manor once during the event.
- Clear Usher's Mass Invasion to acquire [Forest] Usher Servant Shards.

Invasion Date:
> 1/31 00:00 ~ 2/1 23:59 CST / CET / SGT

Notice for Usher's Invasion:
- At least 1 Manor should be opened for Mass Invasion to occur.
- You cannot enter the floors you've already cleared during the event.
- The Invasion Tower will not disappear even after you've cleared all floors but will disappear at the end of the event.

How to Summon Usher with Servant Shards:
1. Lobby -> Summon
2. Summon -> Servant Shards
3. Click on Usher -> Summon Servant

- H