Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 1/31 PST!

Lunar New Year Competition at 3 AM! (until 2/8 PST)

*Named Competitions on Wed, Thu, and Fri at 3 AM! Earn better rewards! Catch Named Fish on WED, Thu, and Fri! Take part in the new and improved Intermediate/Advanced/Most-Advanced Competition!

Intermediate - Golden Thunderbolt Moray Eel

Advanced - Golden Blue Hellcat

Most Advanced - Golden Strange Siren

Don't forget improved rewards like [Select] Fishing Rod Design Lucky Bag / [Random] Fishing Rod Design Lucky Bag/Magpipe Puff's Lucky Bag!

*Named Fish from the competition are different from the original Named Fish
*They will appear even without completing the Illustrated Book. They will also not respawn.