Greetings Commanders,

It is with great sadness and compassion that we share some unfortunate news with our beloved Gardius Empire community. The Gardius Empire team will be preparing for termination of service.

Gardius Empire was designed and developed to create a war game experience focused on constant growth and competition with the RPG elements of collecting mythological heroes.
We focused on simplifying some of the systems in other standard SLG (simulation) games, like minimalizing building upgrade system and replacing troops with heroes in Celestial War, to emphasize real-time battle and guild contents. We wanted users to enjoy endless real-time war on a massive global scale.

However, due to the inherent nature of this type of genre, the game was still too complex which created a limit to our initial design and realization of a massive all-out-war experience on a global scale.
Due to these limitations, we started to implement user feedback, balance the loot system and improve the assembly function to emphasize the power in numbers and give players an edge over other high-ranked players. We also reduced the burden of heroes’ death in Celestial War by reducing the healing time in the Spring of Revival.

We went through many changes and events to encourage competition in the Celestial War. We were in the middle of developing the ‘Royal Messenger’ and ‘Battle for the Throne’ update by merging servers to encourage strategic plays for a more consolidated user pool. However, Gardius Empire had reached its limit on reaching out to the mainstream market and continuous financial difficulties made it difficult for us to keep servicing the game.
We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us throughout the entire journey. For all the feedback received, including the scathing reviews, we will carry it on our hearts so that we can look forward to tomorrow and hopefully meet again on a different journey.

Thank you, Commanders! For all your love and support.
- The Gardius Empire Team -