Hi anglers,

Champion Creepy Fish Event! (until 2/7 PST)

Creepy Fish & improved Champions League rewards during event.

1. Return of Golden Creepy Fish!

Champions League Golden Creepy Fish have returned for Lunar New Year!

*Special Golden Creepy fish!
*These fish would love to celebrate, too!
*Catch Creepy Fish and enjoy improved rewards!

2. Better rewards for Champions League [Golden] Creepy Fish! [Random] Ultimate Jewel box for it's first place Golden Creepy Fish! And don't forget other awesome rewards like the Legendary Universal Gem and Enhancement Potions!

*Golden Creepy Fish will appear until 2/6. Golden Creepy Fish Rewards can be claimed until 2/7.
*The Champions League event held on 2/7 will not be a part of this event.

Special Lucky Float Upgrade Event! (until 2/6 18:00 PST)

An extra special Float Lucky Upgrade event!

1. All [Epic/Legend] Float's upgrade success rates rise sharply!

2. [Epic] Float's Lucky Upgrade Lv. 19 -> Lv. 20 success guaranteed!

3. [Legend] Float's Lucky Upgrade Lv. 13 -> Lv. 14 success guaranteed!

4. [Legend] Float's Lucky Upgrade Lv. 20 -> Lv. 21 success guaranteed!

5. [Legend] Float's Lucky Upgrade Lv. 23 -> Lv. 24 success guaranteed!

Costume Epic/Legend Upgrade BIG Event! (until 2/4 18:00 PST)

1. Costume Upgrade will be easier during the event! Epic/Legend upgrade Lv. required lowered from 25 to 20.

2. Discount for upgrade costs during the event!

Legend: 5000 Stars > 300 Stars
Epic: 3000 Stars > 1500 Stars

3. Increased chance to add Special Stats when you Combine your Costume items!

4. You can purchase [Costume Upgrade Package] at the Item Shop.

5. Combine Resets are available in the Item Shop for 50% LESS Stars.

Lunar New Year Special Item Box! (until 2/6 18:00 PST)

1. The Lunar New Year Special Enhancement Crystal Box & Blue Crystal Capsule are here! 40 Combination Potions guaranteed! Maybe even 225! The [Enhancement Crystal Lucky Bag & Combination Crystal Lucky Bag] has also been upgraded!

2. Lunar New Year's Limited Offer: [Epic] Upgrade Gem Box / [Legend] Upgrade Gem Box! A special Universal Gem Box update is here! Get a maximum of 200 [Epic Universal Gem] from this box! Get a maximum of 100 [Legend Universal Gem] from this box!

Head on over to the Item Shop now!

Costume Wardrobe Now Available! (until 2/4 18:00 PST)

1. Limited Offer: [Select] Golden Habaek Costume Box!

Meet the [Select] Golden Habaek Costume Box, one of our hottest items! You can purchase up to 2 boxes per day! The Golden Habaek Costume really comes in handy when fishing for Creepy Fish in the Champions League! Come check out the [Golden Habaek]'s costume parts, and see what catches your eye!

2. You can purchase [Costume Selection Box] at the item shop. Check it out now! New item [Glorious Ruler] UPDATE!

3. [Costume Part Selection Box 1,2,3]

Don't have a full Costume set yet? Here's your chance to get one! Complete a Costume set and receive a set effect!

Check it out now!

BONUS [Legend] Universal Soul Gems! (until 2/4 18:00 PST)

Buy Stars now and receive [Legend] Universal Soul Gems & [Epic] Destiny Upgrade Potions as bonus gifts!

4800 Stars: [Legend] Universal Soul Gems x30, [Legend] Costume Upgrade Potion (18) x1, Enhance Stone Selection Box (Costume) x5

2250 Stars: [Legend] Universal Soul Gems x12, [Legend] Costume Upgrade Potion (15) x1, Enhance Stone Selection Box (Costume) x3

1260 Stars: [Legend] Universal Soul Gems x5, Enhance Stone Selection Box (Costume) x1