Hello GM's!

Can you guess Who's That Player?

Take a guess in our Who's That Player Community Event to win rewards!
All you have to do is guess who's Player Face Capture is displayed on our Google Form!

Event Duration: After 2/6 Maintenance - 2/13 18:00 (PST)
※Any answers submitted before and after Event Duration will not be counted.

How to participate:
1) Go to our Who's That Player Google Form (Completing the Google Form counts as your entry)
2) Guess who's Player Face Capture is shown in the image
3) Don't forget to include your CS Code!

*All entries must be submitted after 2/6 Maintenance and before 2/13 18:00 (PST) to qualify.
*One entry per account! (All entries will be cross referenced for duplicate entries, submitting an entry in multiple language forms on the same account will count as duplicate entries)
*Entries with missing or incorrect CS Codes will not be eligible

You win 10M GP Box x1 for each correct answer!
*Win or lose, All participants will receive 10M GP Box x1
*Prizes will be sent to your mailbox within a week after the event

Enter below to participate!
- Who's That Player:[▶Click Here to View Event Page]