Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 2/6 PST!

Float Combining Event (until 2/6 18:00 PST)

1. Float [Epic]/[Legend] Upgrade Event! Discounted costs for star upgrades during the event!

Huge Stars discount!

[Epic]: 1500 Stars > 1200 Stars
[Legend]: 3000 Stars > 2000 Stars

Don't miss this blowout sale!

2. [Epic]/[Legend] Float Lucky Upgrade Event! Upgrade success rate up! Upgrade costs DOWN!

Special Option Package (Float) Limited Time Only! (until 2/6 18:00 PST)

[Epic]/[Legend] Special Option Package (Float) for a limited time only!

[Epic] Special Option Package (Float) includes:

Combine Option Removal Ticket (Float) x1, Lucky Upgrade Exclusive Scroll x200

[Legend] Special Option Package (Float) includes:

[Legend] Universal Gem x15, Lucky Upgrade Exclusive Scroll x500, Premium Float Transfer Ticket x2, Combine Option Removal Ticket (Float) x2

*Limited to one purchase per day

A Special [Float Enhance Package]! (until 2/6 18:00 PST)

1. Limited Offer: Special [float Enhance Package]

A package dedicated to Floats! The special Float Enhance Package] is now available! Purchase this box 3 times and get [Epic] Float Upgrade Potion (+19) as a bonus!

Comes with everything you need to create the best Float! what are you waiting for? The special [Float Enhance Package] awaits!

BONUS [Legend] Universal Soul Gems! (until 2/6 18:00 PST)

Right now, if you purchase Stars in the Item Shop, you'll also receive 1 or more [Universal Gem]!

4800 Stars: [Legend] Universal Soul Gems x30, [Epic] Float Upgrade Potion (+13) x1, Advance Float Transfer Ticket x2

2250 Stars: [Legend] Universal Soul Gems x12, Lucky Upgrade Exclusive Scroll x100

1260 Stars: [Legend] Universal Soul Gems x3, Epic Synthetic Material x5