Greeting Heirs,

Here are the details on v2.55 Update of Heir of Light.
Please see below for detailed information about the v2.55 Update

v2.55 Update Patch Notes Details:

[Combine List Changes]
> Fire Ankou has been added as a new Combine Servant.
> Fire Ankou will be available from 2/7 (after maintenance) ~ 3/11 23:59 and can be Combined once in that duration.
> 4★ Servants can be Combined 3 times during this period.

> Combine amounts and durations per Combine Servants are as follows.
※ Combine durations may be subject to change based on the update schedule.
※ Water Heylel Combine remains unchanged.

[Servant Balancing Changes]
> Servant balancing will be changed as follows.

① New/Changed Relation Effects
> Relation Effects have been added to 4★ Belladonnas, and some 4~5★ Servants' Relation Effects have been changed.

② Skill Stats and Effects Changes
> Stats and effects for damage based on enemy Max HP and damage based on SPD skills for some Servants have been changed as follows.

[Check-In Rewards Improvements]
> Normal, New User, Returning User, First 6★ Achievement, and Repeat 6★ Achievement check-in rewards have been changed as follows.
> In order for all Heirs to have a chance to earn rewards following these changes, check-in histories for First and Repeat 6★ Achievement check-in rewards will be reset.
(Heirs who are collecting 6★ Achievement check-in rewards will have their check-ins reset after the update.)

① Normal Check-In Rewards

② New User Check-In Rewards

③ Returning User Check-In Rewards

④ First 6★ Achievement Check-In Rewards
> Check-in reward histories have been reset in order to allow current Heirs a chance to earn rewards.

⑤ Repeat 6★ Achievement Check-In Rewards

[Improvements to World Raid Boss Ragna]
> To fit better with the Boss' concept, the amount of damage dealt by [damage based on enemy HP] Servants has been increased.