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    Default How am i supposed to do Tower of masters

    people tell me awakening but i already awaked all my monsters what am i supposed to do? it changed nothing!

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    Hey Skeledon,

    ToM has been extremely unbalanced for about 2 years now. Countless suggestions/outcry from the community has not prevailed for this issue to be fixed yet. Essentially, you aren't actually able to do about 80% of ToM completely, and the other 20% is reserved for people who have been playing for a long time due to HoW/VIP/Omega buffs required.

    Hopefully this is changed in the future. Sorry! Let us know if you need any other help.

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    Like Concept said, Tower is broken. It is tailored to the long-termed players, or the P2W.
    Some tips to try and increase chances is to obtain all artifacts that give bonus, then all items.
    After than you will need a decent guild for monster buff, and runes to increase att.( Not sure if def really helps...)

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