Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 2/11 PST!

Fishing Rod Epic Upgrade Event (until 2/1 18:00 PST)

[Epic] Rod Evolve Requirements DOWN! A golden opportunity to refresh your Rod and boost performance!

-Lower Evolve Requirements! Upgrade Level required to Evolve has been lowered from Lv. 25 to Lv. 20.

Rod Breakdown Event! (until 2/13 18:00 PST)

Chance to break down your fishing rods!

*100% random pieces obtained during Epic!!

[Universal Gem] Rewards Event (until 2/11 PST 18:00 PST)

Right now, if you purchase Stars in the Item Shop, you'll also receive 1 or more [Universal Gem]!

4800 Stars: [Epic] Universal Gem x30, Rod Upgrade Potion [20] x1, [Epic] Rod Direct Upgrade Potion (+20) x1

2250 Stars: [Epic] Universal Gem x12, Rod Upgrade Potion [18] x1

1260 Stars: [Epic] Universal Gem x5, Premium Item Scrolls x4