Greetings Royals!

Amber Town will be holding a Spring Special Event!
All Royals are encouraged to participate!

[Event 1] Sweet Lollipop Exchange Event!

■ Event Period
- After 3/13 maintenance ~ Before 3/27 maintenance (PDT)

■ Event Details
- [Lollipops] will be available during the event.
- Can be exchanged for rewards at the main screen -> Event -> Exchange Shop.
※ The Lollipops can be obtained in the field.

■ Event Reward

■ Event Guide
- Lollipops will be directly sent to your Bag when you obtain them.
- Lollipops cannot be traded at the Auction House. You'll get a small amount of Gold when you sell them.
- Lollipops will be bound to the character that obtains them.
- Rewards will be sent to your Mailbox.
- Lollipops cannot be exchanged after the event ends.
- Be sure to exchange the Lollipops for rewards during the event.
- The event period and rewards may be subject to change.

[Event 2] Diamond Spending Bonus Event!

■ Event Period
- After 3/13 maintenance ~ 3/20 AM 07:59 (PDT)

■ Event Details
- Diamond rewards can be claimed at each consumption milestone reached during the event.
- The event can be found at Menu -> Event. The [Claim] button will be enabled each time you reach a milestone.
- Diamonds spent by all your characters count towards the total consumption.
※ Applies to both Free Diamonds and Paid Diamonds.

■ Event Reward

■ Event Guide
- Rewards can be claimed based on your total Diamond consumption during the event.
- Event rewards are not sent automatically.
- Be sure to tap [Claim] in Menu -> Event after reaching a milestone.
- Event rewards can be claimed once per account.
- The event rewards will be sent to the Bag of your currently logged-in character.
- Rewards cannot be claimed if there are insufficient Bag slots.
- Event period and rewards may be subject to change.