Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 3/15 PDT!

Let's Get Lucky! Luck Card Event! (until 3/17 19:00 PDT)

You're in luck! Beginning the Luck Card Event!

1. Increased rates of acquiring extra special items from Legend Luck Cards!

2. 50% discount for this special Luck Card Event!

Costume Wardrobe Now Available (until 3/17 19:00 PDT)

1. Limited Offer: [Select] Golden Habaek Costume Box!

Meet the [Select] Golden Habaek Costume Box, one of our hottest items!

You can purchase up to 2 boxes per day! The Golden Habaek Costume really comes in handy when fishing for Creepy Fish in the Champion's League! Come check out the Golden Habaek's costume parts, and see what catches your eye!

2. You can purchase [Costume Selection Box] at the item shop. Check it out now! New item [Glorius Ruler] UPDATE!

3. [Costume Part Selection Box 1,2,3]

Don't have a full costume set yet? Here's your chance to get one! Complete a Costume set and receive a set effect!

Check it out in the Shop now!

BONUS [Legend] Universal Soul Gems! (until 3/15 19:00 PDT)

Buy Stars now and receive [Legend] Universal Soul Gems & [Legend] Costume Upgrade Potion as bonus gifts!

4800 Stars: [Legend] Universal Soul Gems x30, [Legend] Costume Upgrade Potion (18) x1, Enhance Stone Selection Box (Costume) x5

2250 Stars: [Legend] Universal Soul Gems x12, [Legend] Costume Upgrade Potion (15) x1, Enhance Stone Selection Box (Costume) x3

1260 Stars: [Legend] Universal Soul Gems x5, Enhance Stone Selection Box (Costume) x1