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    Default How to change server from global to sea

    Hi to everyone still playing this game. i played this game year 2015 then stop after 1 1/2 year. My question is how to play this game in SEA server? because once i played this game recently, i got shock that all my characters are gone in all my 3 accounts, then i realize that im in Global server. Still using my old ip but with different phone now and using also HIVE id and google+.

    Also if anyone got this game version with sea can you post it, and ill try to DL it if i could go back to sea. Thanks

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    Default this is how you change servers

    if you want to change servers you'll need these :
    Parallel Space (or any other virtual space that has 64bit support)
    Any VPN that has SEA IP (SG,PH,TH,VN,ID,MY)

    Do these :

    ·Install Parallel Space 64bit support
    ·Clone Kritika with Parallel Space
    ·Connect to your VPN make sure your IP address is from a SEA country
    ·Open the Cloned Kritika and make sure your VPN is still open

    That's how you change servers..

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