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    Default [Notice] v3.4 Patch Notes

    Greetings Champions,
    This is CM EtherealDuke.

    The scheduled update is now complete, and the 15th Champions has finally arrived! Thank you for your patience.

    We are very excited to bring the new class Steam Walker!
    There are also several quality of life improvements and bug fixes.
    Please read below to learn more about the latest changes and new content.
    You may now update Kritika from the App Store or Google Play Store.

    ▶ Update Details

    1. New Class: Steam Walker

    - The Steam Walker can attack enemies at lightning speeds.

    - 1 character slot has been added along with the Steam Walker update.

    - Duplicate Classes cannot be created.

    - Steam Walker's buff skill increases ATK and Critical Rate.

    - 7 exclusive Skill Opals for Steam Walker have been added.

    - Steam Walker's Awakening and Passive Skill Awakening are available, but Active Skill Awakening will be introduced in the next update along with his Super Awakening.

    2. New Character Achievements Added

    - Complete Achievements to raise your Rank and Stats.

    - Achievements are available for each character. The Achievement System will be available after Awakening your character.

    - Access Character Achievements by going to Lobby > Quests > Collection/Growth Achievement.

    - Achievement Rank can be raised up to Rank 10. MAX Rank will be increased in a future update.

    3. MAX Skill Level for Super Awakened Passives, Buffs, and EX (All Classes) Increased

    - The MAX Skill Levels for Super Awakened Passives, Buffs, and EXs have been increased from Level 10 to Level 15 for all classes.

    4. Monthly Attendance Calendar Changes

    - Rewards for the Monthly Attendance have been updated.

    5. Update Attendance Calendar Changes

    - [Great Sage Crafting Event] has been added and [New Monster Wave Event] has been removed.

    - The Ethereal+ Pet, Great Sage, can be crafted upon claiming all 7 days of rewards.

    - The Attendance Event will continue until the next update is released.

    - The Update Event can be participated along with previous Attendance Event and New/Returning User Attendance Event.

    [Great Sage Crafting Event]

    6. New Avatars

    - New Body Avatars have been added, exclusive for Monk and Steam Walker.
    Soldier Armor (White), Royal Dragon (Black & Red), Ghostly Carnage (Blue & Red), Wild Shirt (Black & White), Steam Armor (Blue & White)

    - New Weapon Avatars have been added, exclusive for Monk and Steam Walker.
    Gauntlet of Sin, Gauntlet of Repentance

    - The new Avatars are now available in the Avatar Shop.

    ▶ Improvements

    1. Season Class Change

    - 1st Season Class has been changed to Steam Walker granting [Chance to recover MP after attacking].

    - 2nd Season Class has been changed to Monk granting [increased CRIT Rate].

    - 1st Season Class Individual Effect: [Increases Physical ATK] and [Increases Magic ATK].

    - 2nd Season Class Individual Effect: [Iron Mountain] and [Star Killer] skills receive increased ATK.

    2. Gem Mass Enhance System

    - The new system enables enhancing all Gems up to +6 in 1 tap.

    - Mass Enhance is not available when there are 3 or fewer Gems of the same Enhance Level.

    - Only Gems that can be equipped in sockets can be Mass Enhanced. (Opals cannot be Mass Enhanced)

    3. Awakening Stone & Super Awakening Stone Mission Cooldown Reduced

    - The cooldown for Awakening Stone and Super Awakening Stone Missions have been adjusted based on your VIP Level.

    4. Package Changes

    ▷ Complete Package 1 & 2

    - [Steam Walker] Complete Package has been added and [New Year's] Complete Package has been removed.

    - The purchase count has been reset. You may now purchase both packages again.

    - Some items in Complete Package 2 [Gem and Meteorite] have been updated.

    ▷ Super Sale Package

    - Until the next update, you can purchase the Super Sale Packages a maximum of 2 times each.

    - [Equipment] Package has been added and [Super Awakening Stone] Package has been removed.

    - The [Karat] and [Lapiz] Packages have been changed.

    ▷ Package VIP Points Updated

    - The amount of VIP Points rewarded from the Mao Coin Package has been adjusted.

    - The amount of VIP Points rewarded from the Relic Update Package (Epic) has been adjusted.

    - The amount of VIP Points rewarded from the Value Packages has been adjusted.
    ※ Undistributed VIP Points at the time of the Value Package price change will be delivered during maintenance.

    [Bug Fixes]

    1. Fixed a bug where the progress for Mao's Training Quest #31 (Summon Poor Pets 15 times) will reset when players entered the character selection screen.
    2. Fixed a bug where Pet Collection Effects were not applied to CP in Guild Battle.

    Thank you.

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    The buff update is a scam. All of those SA stones just to be back where we were pre update. Just criminal and an obvious scheme to get players to buy more SA stones. Big thumbs down from a veteran player.
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    Default Buff update is a scam...

    Quote Originally Posted by SSGogetas View Post
    The buff update is a scam. All of those SA stones just to be back where we were pre update. Just criminal and an obvious scheme to get players to buy more SA stones. Big thumbs down from a veteran player.
    Agreed. Raise buff level 5 levels but...not really. Huh?! Why pull a dirty trick like that on loyal players? Ridiculous. Trying to give us even more reasons to quit?

    Edited: Looks like there are a couple of characters like CrA and Noblia that have a tiny increase, but toons like BB actually had level 10 buff stats lowered and then need to get to level 15 to get back to original level 10 stats. C'mon now. Not cool.
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    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who noticed that buff scam.
    When will these developers learn that nobody likes to be nerfed, especially if it's a silent nerf without any notice whatsoever. They didn't even have the guts to post the new buff stats for the classes, or any further detail about this change. -.-
    Gimme back my pre-update buff and draco effect!

    It's just like when they released the SA buff. They reduced the duration of the buff severely and thought that the players will just go with it. In the end, they changed the duration to satisfy the players, so I can only hope that they will realize their mistake and fix it soon again.

    I like the freebies and events, and most of the new stuffs, but that buff change is just dumb.
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    Crash fix when? -.-

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    I thought it felt like my Burst Breaker was struggling alot more with Labyrinth recently. Not cool at all, devs.

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    .Gv ban thousand players..
    .I happy to comeback but but...
    .Why modders in melee has not fix..
    Soooooooo sad

    .Sick with this bull**** repeatedly again n again 😠😠😠
    .Wake up dev, listen our complaints

    P/s new moderator dead again like before. Same as always 😩😩

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    whats the problem with the buff? they decreased the effect on level 10 and made 15 just like before at 10? were buffs 22 seconds before too?
    Last edited by LiNa; 04-08-2019 at 10:41 PM.

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    No, they were 24 seconds with draco effect, 20 seconds without on level 10.
    Now they are 20 seconds without draco effect (no change here in duration) and 22 seconds with draco effect (2 seconds less) on level 10.
    They are 22 seconds from level 11 with or without draco effect.

    And yes, they nerfed the buff effects too, not just the duration with draco effect, but the draco effect itself and the buff's original stats too. It's a giant scam from what I saw so far. You get the same effects like pre-update level 10 on after-update level 15.

    Whenever they mess with the buff, they do something like this, so no surprise there.
    Average crashes per day: 3
    Daily crashes on GvG: 2

    Crash fix when? -.-

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    is the buff 22 seconds now with dracon on level 15? what about the secondary effect? about 5rd skill, did they increase it atleast abit?

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    From what I've seen, there is literally no increase for leveling the buff skill past 10 except for one or two exceptions. Even then, it's to raise the duration back to what it was pre-patch. I'm assuming they'll fix it next update.
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