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    Default State of the game?


    I just got back into the game and was wondering how it is currently fairing?
    I would like to ask your opinions before investing the time effort, and money into the game.
    I am on the fence on spending money but I do want to hit VIP 7.

    As far as I can tell, the game is currently on a slow but constant decline but there is still a sliver of hope.

    Would you kindly give me your opinions?

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    I mean, look at how dead these forums are. Nobody is talking about anything, except the occasional complaint about cheaters and hackers.
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    personally, i still play this game quite often like 3-5 hrs a day.
    if you enjoy playing this game, then spending some money is okay.

    Quote Originally Posted by LordXenon View Post
    I mean, look at how dead these forums are. Nobody is talking about anything, except the occasional complaint about cheaters and hackers.
    yeah, i agree, people aren't really active in this forum.

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    ^^really not much else to talk about. This is an old game and most everything has already been discussed. All that remains is an endless grind.

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    Even if the game's dying, it's still entertaining to me. It keeps me busy and provides me with constant entertainment. I'd say that's worth some money.

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    Honestly-if the game does shutdown, it'd be surprising. It's still got a great number of players and such, but there's always the fact that you never know. Forums don't count for all players as most players won't use it or even know it exists.

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    Like any company the gamevil aims at profit. No matter how dead, the game will continue as long as it makes a profit. . If you want to increase your vip level I see no problem. In my case, if it were to spend money I would try a other game.
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    Default Great

    Even when playing and dying, it still gives me a lot of fun and I feel very entertaining. It is very worthwhile. Thank you

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    Well as stated previously, spend money if you want to catapult your growth if you're enjoying the game.
    There really isn't any reason for the game to be supremely populated; it'll still function relatively the same.
    But as far as spending money..
    Well, I remember a couple of years ago I was playing another mobile game. It was a fairly new server and someone made a comment on someone else spending $60. IIRC it was something along the lines of "How could someone spend so much on a mobile game?"
    Yeah, I know sixty isn't much compared to what whales spend, but I'm guessing this person was new to mobile gaming.
    Anyways the dude that spent that $60 replied with "The way I see it is if I spend $60 on this game and I'm entertained, and I spend at least sixty hours playing the game, then that's a $1/hr of entertainment.
    Nowhere else can you entertain yourself for one dollar an hour."
    By this logic, if you spend $300 on a mobile game and you're genuinely entertained, then what's the problem? I play Kritika at work and at home, so I've justified my purchases with several hours of entertainment.

    tl;dr: Spend money as long as you're entertained.

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