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    Default Game skill

    I have been playing this game for years (2014) and I have noticed that there is no skill in the game anymore. I get everyone wants the best players. I just played a three star team and the hitting is ridiculous. I would throw a ball way outside and the other player still makes contact and hits bloop singles everytime. Why is it when I bat, even if I time it right I miss completely or fowl the ball off. There needs to be some consistency here. I have an S grade team and I play one team and I dominate the game. The next team I can get a hit. Same with pitching. I like a challenge but what's the point of playing teams and finish 0-0. Bring skill back. I like that you made the fastball better but it's way too fast sometimes. You have to swing before the ball is even released and hope the pitch is a strike and try to find it. Make the game more skill based especially in live battle. I time a pitch right and make the contact marker on the ball it should be a hit regardless of the pitcher's strength. Consistency please. Consistency!

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    Default New season mode update

    I know you rebalanced the season game mode making it somewhat easier to compete at world class level. The only problem is that now that I can win the season at world class level, when you go into the playoffs it back to the old way. If I can go 100 wins and 62 loses during the regular reason , then why do I get blown out during the playoffs. I understand we want a competitive game but why would I play at a higher level to get blown out during the playoffs. Other players have experienced the same. I guess I’d rather play at all star level and get guaranteed diamonds and luxury drafts rather then get nothing.

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    Default Game Skill Scam

    I’ve simulated a S rated team 16,200 and win the regular season but when it comes to playoffs I can’t get out of the first round. If you simulate the playoff round you should be able to move on to the next round. Gamevil does this so you think your gonna move on to the World Series hence try to play at the higher level. Then you lose and collect no premium drafts or diamonds. Then you have to pay for the premium players. It’s all part of the scam. I’m all for competitiveness but when the game says you should be playing at a higher level and you can’t get to the World Series, something s wrong.

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    I've been writing about it since last month! it is almost impossible to win the post season!! even when my team finishes season around 120-42.

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