CM Bident Cloak is back with another introduction post to another content, “Hall of Hereos!”

Hall of Heroes lets players manage their Awakening Level after reaching Max Level.

Hall of Heroes also provide rewards, which can aid game progression with other characters!

Hall of Heroes lets you manage Awakening EXP and Level!
All characters in an account share Awakening EXP and Level. However, only Awakened characters with Lv. 100 or higher can receive Awakening EXP.


You will receive a valuable reward upon Awakening Level Up.

Dimensional Magic Chest: A reward chest given at each Awakening Level Up.
Eternal Magic Chest: A premium chest given each time the Awakening Level reaches multiples of 30.

Be Aware!
Rewards earned from Awakening Level Up are bound to your account.
Be sure to log in with our preferred character and claim rewards at Hall of Heroes!

<Sub Characters Bonus Stats>

Your sub characters will receive bonus stats based on the level of your main character!
The level difference between the main character and the sub character should be 10 or more to receive the bonus stats.

<Bonus EXP>

Bonus EXP can be obtained upon Awakening Level Up.
You can select any character to add Bonus EXP to.

An Awakened character's Awakening Level increases when you add Bonus EXP to that character.

EXP increases when you add Bonus EXP to characters below Lv. 100.
Bonus EXP to be added cannot exceed the maximum limit.
Bonus EXP cannot be added to characters in battle.

I will be coming back with more content introduction post of different Talion contents, so stay tuned!

Until next time~