Greetings Heirs!

Forest Ankou has been added to the Combine list after the v3.3.6 Update!
Many are working on obtaining Forest Ankou by Combining him from the new Combine List.
I would like to help all heirs by providing Forest and Magic Awakening Stones so that he can be used right after Combine.

10 Magic and 10 Forest Supreme Stones will be gifted to all Heirs on 6/13!
Take this opportunity to awaken your Forest Ankou!

Event Details: Log In and Receive 10 Magic Supreme Stones & 10 Forest Supreme Stones

Event Date:

[US Server] 6/13 [12:00 ~ 23:59 CDT]
[EU Server] 6/13 [12:00 ~ 23:59 CEST]
[SEA Server] 6/13 [12:00 ~ 23:59 SGT]
* Event periods are based on each server time.
US - CDT / Europe - CEST / Asia - SGT

- CM_Heylel