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    Default [Notice] Scheduled Maintenance 6/26 19:00 ~ 23:59 PDT

    Hello GM's,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the delay in the iOS Build Deployment, the Scheduled Maintenance start time will be delayed until further notice.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. Once the Build Deployment has been completed, we will begin maintenance.


    Hello GM’s

    We would like to share with you the details for the Scheduled Maintenance on 6/26.

    Please complete all Daily Missions before the start of the Scheduled Maintenance, the Server and Game will be inaccessible during the maintenance duration.

    [B][Update Notes]

    Duration: 6/26 19:00 ~ 23:59 PDT (~5 Hours) *EXTENDED 2 HOURS
    New Duration 6/26 21:00 ~ 6/27 03:00 PDT


    1. Added Legend Players (15th Batch)
    -10 Legend Players added

    ※ All images are from Test Servers and may appear differently at time of the update




    2. Added Specialized Motion / Face Captures for 10 Legends


    2. HIVE Emergency Mode
    -Precautionary steps for issues related to HIVE. Will allow GM's to still access the game regardless of possible HIVE issues.

    3. Fixed Android Push Notification
    -Fixed an issue where Push Notifications sent to GM's with Androids were unreceivable.

    4. Fixed Uniforms
    -Added uniform texture for ARI and COL
    -Updated the helmet color for SD, CIN, and TOR to match the color of the alternate uniform.

    5. Fixed Players
    -Revised World Best Luke Gregerson player photo
    -Fixed player skin color

    6. New Events / Ending Events

    New Events
    Run Down Event [▶Click here to view event page]
    1. Boost Trainer Bonus Success x2 Event
    2. Boost Material Limit Event (10 ->20)
    3. Rank Up Event
    4. Rank Up (Staff & Player) x2 Event
    5. Purchase Bonus Event
    6. Equipment Exchange Event [SS Grade Equipment Pack]
    7. Club Battle Weekend Event
    8. Perfect Quiz Community Event

    ※Please visit the Event Page for full event details.

    Ending Events
    Painting the Black Event [▶Click here to view event page]
    1. Rank Up Event
    2. Rank Up (Staff & Player) x2 Event
    3. Perfect Training x3 Event
    4. Equipment Exchange Event [SS Grade Equipment Pack]
    5. Club Battle Weekend Event

    Thank you!

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