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    Default [Notice] Android v3.4.5 Release Announcement

    Greetings Heirs,

    We will be releasing v3.4.5 of Heir of Light in order to address issues identified after 3.4 Update.

    We recommend Heirs to download the newest version of Heir of Light for pleasant gameplay experience.
    Also, please remember to download using WiFi in order to prevent unnecessary data usage.

    [Android v3.4.5 Release Announcement]

    Patch Details:
    1) Synchronizing Issue in Party Raid
    > Issue with synchronizing Party Raid battle between Party Leader and Party Members has been fixed.

    2) Issue regarding Combo Skill
    > Issue that turned screen black when an ally servant dies right before Combo Skill activation has been fixed

    3) Gear Super-Enhance: Notice Pop-up Added
    > We added a pop-up notifying Heirs that enhancing same Additional Stat through Super-Enhance will not add more bonus stat, but instead reroll the bonus stat received from previous Super-Enhance.

    iOS version is expected to take longer to release due to Apple Review process.
    We will update the community as soon as we have a new iOS version released.

    Thank you.

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