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    Default [Notice] v3.45 Update Patch Note

    Greetings Heirs,

    Here are the details on v3.45 Update of Heir of Light.
    Please see below for detailed information about v3.45 Update.

    ◆ Combine ◆
    [Combine List Change]
    : Fire Ignis is now available in the Combine List.
    : Fire Ignis can be combined once between 7/8 (After maintenance) - 8/12 11:59 PM.
    : 4★ Servants can be combined up to 3 times during the aforementioned time period.

    > Please see the following information for available attempts and time limit for each combinable Servants:
    > Water Heylel is unaffected.
    > Time period for Combine may be subject to change.

    [Servant Balancing]
    > Several adjustments have been made to Servants as the following:

    [Boosted Quest Rewards]
    > Common and Greater Element Stones and Magic Stones provided as quest rewards for Chapters 2 - 8 have been greatly boosted.
    > Previously, these quest rewards were provided gradually throughout Chapters 2 - 8 (Lesser → Common → Greater). You’ll now receive 20 Common and Greater stones alternately for each stone type.

    Thank you.
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