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    Default Isis the dot booster and osiris the pvp res camper. (IGN: EveTheDark Server: Americas)


    Isis is a healer in the technical sense, her healing is minimal. Instead focusing on team buffing and enemy debuffing. Her buffing is rather general enhancing skill attack, magic attack, single attack, intelligence or (int) for short as well as healing amount all for a rather strong amount that is more or less perpetual due to the cool down times she has, as well as a rather rare buff that increases the strength of damage over time effects or (DOT) aka continues damage such as bleeds, burns, poisons, etc. Isis also provides a decent array of debuffs increasing the amount of magic damage the enemies receive as well as reducing the defense of enemies hit by her second skill and increasing the amount of damage the enemies receive no matter the damage type weather it be physical or magical, she also applies her own continues damage debuff on a single target with her first skill, her third skills applies a health regen effect and buffs attack types and prevents a single instance of buff removal. She also applies bonus buffs if she and her allies are fighting golem that further boost the allies magic damage, int and continues damage.
    Isis summary: ok healer that has strong buffing and a unique buffing to allies ideally mages whose damage stems primarily from continuous damage effects. For example she is good with zain de guerreville, zerzel jordic, first crown, merren and even allies like lasthea and to a lesser extent allies that use DOT but aren’t magic damage dealers.

    Osiris is a paladin that is meant mostly for arena, his kit is focused on removing enemy buffs or removing debuffs applied to allies. As well as res camping enemies that get resurrected by enemy healers. Osiris’s first skill is meant to set up a kill on an enemy and the moment its resurrected by an enemy healer it gets debuffed, by osiris’s passives. Immediately loses a large portion of its hp with a fixed percent of hp damage effect. And is taunted and silenced by osiris’s passives. When an enemy is resurrected while Osiris is alive and on the field osiris also buffs his allies attack speed and attack damage so as to attempt to kill the enemy as fast as possible again.
    Osiris summary: Osiris is meant to counter teams whose sole goal is smack a darkhan or inhaeri into their team of res spamming priests and profit by the dps getting killed and buffed and made immune for a few seconds after being resurrected and repeat until the dps has crippled and begins annihilating the enemy team cough cough darkhon drasis cough cough. Osiris is a great pvp paladin as he punishes teams that intend to turtle via resurrect chaining and also serves as a decent cleanser or buff remover. He is good with darkhan drasis and other allies with either instant kill skills or good skills to rapidly and abruptly kill opponents with massive damage output such as bliss foxy or merren.

    “Although i could go into damage skill percentages and such its mostly nuance and unnecessary to know unless your attempting to desperately min max your team so for the sake of brevity and to avoid headaches i left them out.”

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    Default Did AnyOne Receive Participation Reward for Isis Osiris ?

    Yet to receive any new or notice !!!!
    Kindly Update us ASAP .
    Thank you

    IGN : TallyHoo7
    Server : Asia

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