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    Default [Notice] Patch Notes: 2.2.00!

    Greetings, Talions!

    The 2.2.00 Patch notes are here! Check out the details below.

    [Raid Dungeon]

    * Raid Dungeon has been updated.
    - You can take on this instance dungeon by yourself or as a party.
    - Be sure to plan strategically with your party members as special monsters spawn in the Raid Dungeon.
    - Entry requirements: Lv. 100, CP 160,000+
    - Raid Dungeon monster can evade the attack.

    * Raid Dungeon is accessible from the Great Gate. You can also teleport into the dungeon using currency.
    * Raid Dungeon can be viewed in Menu > Adventure > Raid > Raid Dungeon.
    * 5 Castle Invitations, a type of ticket needed for entering Raid Dungeon, will be given to each character daily.
    * Castle Invitations are consumed upon clearing the Raid Dungeon and acquiring rewards.
    - They are not consumed when you abandon the Raid Dungeon.

    * Raid Dungeon is divided into three stages; the higher the stage, the more difficult it becomes.
    - You can advance to next stage upon defeating monsters in the current one.
    - You can choose to revive at the current location or at the town.
    - You can re-enter the same Raid Dungeon after you revive.

    * Dungeon is cleared when you defeat a boss within the time limit.
    - Clear Rank is determined based on the time spent to clear the dungeon.
    - You'll have higher chances of obtaining Unique Items or Unique Item Materials of a higher grade based on your result.
    - A random party member receives a Bonus Reward upon clearing the Raid Dungeon.
    - You cant receive Raid Dungeon Reward if you are not in the Dungeon

    * All party members inside the Raid Dungeon are bound to that dungeon.
    - Even if you leave the dungeon or get disconnected, you can enter the same Raid Dungeon as long as you are in the same party.
    - Unbound players cannot enter the Raid Dungeon after the party has been bound.
    - The Raid Dungeon will be kept until it's deleted.
    - A character inside the Raid Dungeon can create a party, participate in one, or invite other characters on the world map.
    - You can also form a party with characters in a different dungeon.
    - You'll be transferred to the world when you leave your party or it is disbanded.

    [Unique Equipment]
    * New Unique Weapons and Accessories have been updated.
    - Only Rare - Mythical Weapons and Accessories are available.

    1. Unique Weapons
    * Unique Weapons are in the form of existing equipment that have Unique stats and a Unique Skill.
    - Unique Option stats are much higher than existing random option stats.
    - Unique Weapon's skill is determined randomly.

    * A special effect is displayed upon equipping a Unique Weapon.

    2. Unique Accessories
    - Unique Accessories have a "Character Skill Level Up" option.

    3. Unique Equipment Sources
    * Rare - Mythical Unique Weapons and Accessories can be obtained from Raid Dungeon, Supreme Equipment Draw, or Supreme Accessory Draw.

    4. Crafting Mythical Unique Equipment

    * Dragon Blood, an item required for crafting Mythical Unique Weapons and Accessories, can be obtained from Raid Dungeon.
    * You need the following items to craft Mythical Unique Weapons and Accessories:
    1) A Mythical equipment (Weapon or Accessory) enhanced to a certain level
    2) Dragon Blood appropriate for each equipment
    3) Weapon/Armor/Accessory Upgrade Stones
    4) Gold
    * Rare - Legendary Unique equipment cannot be crafted.
    * When you upgrade a Rare - Legendary Unique Weapon or Accessory, its Unique options and skills will be removed.
    * You can not inherit Unique Equipment

    [Magic Symbol]
    * A warning pop-up now displays when you unpin a Symbol.

    * The Drain Rate value in a Magic Symbol will now be displayed as a % value.

    [Balance Adjustments]
    1. Kyle
    * Kyle's DEF and HP have been improved.

    2. Aizen
    * Additional effects have been added to his skills.
    - Continuous Fire: Deals damage to 4 enemies within 12m to your front. Hit enemies are stunned for 2 seconds.
    - Random Fire: Deals damage to 8 enemies within 3m of self. Hit enemies will start bleeding, with additional damage dealt every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

    * a Skill Reset Ticket will be sent out to all players after the v2.2.00 update.
    - Skill Reset Ticket is a limited-time item and expires after 7 days.
    - You cannot move Skill Reset Ticket if you receive the ticker in wrong character
    - Skill Reset ticket is only applied to Basic skill points and Gold cost won't be compensated

    [Guardian Fairies]
    * There will be a new Guardian Fairy Feed.
    1. Fairy Energy Can
    * Recharges Energy of Guardian Fairies by 22,000.
    * Available in Menu > Shop > Cash Shop > Currency Shop > Item Shop > Battle Aid.


    1. Auto Battle (Basic Attack)
    * New Auto Battle (Basic Attack) feature has been added.
    - When you enable this feature, only basic attack is executed during auto-battle.
    - You can enable this feature in Menu > System > Game > Enable [Auto Battle (Basic Attack)].

    Auto Battle (Basic Attack) Auto Battle (Skills)

    2. Targeting

    * Auto target lock feature has been added.
    - When you enable this feature, a selected target will automatically be locked on.
    - You can enable this feature in Menu > System > Game > Enable [Auto Target Lock].

    * Simple Untargeting feature has been added.
    - When you enable this feature, you can cancel targeting by tapping an empty part of the screen instead of a target.
    - You can enable this feature in Menu > System > Game > Enable [Simple Untargeting].

    3. User Interface UI
    * The position of chat, item slot pane, and target pane has been changed.

    * Damage display during attack has been improved.
    - Damage dealt to an enemy will now be displayed when a Guardian Fairy's skill is triggered.
    - Damage dealt to an enemy will now be displayed when a Unique Item's skill is triggered.
    - The amount of Drain absorbed upon attacking an enemy will now be displayed.

    * A feature to switch the position of Jump and Roll buttons has been added.
    - You can swap the position of the Jump button with the Roll button.
    - You can use this feature in Menu > System > Game > Switch Jump/Roll Button.

    * You'll now be able to see the amount of Rubies you currently have in your Mailbox.

    4. Shop
    * A drop rate button has been added in Premium Shop.

    5. RvR
    * You can now obtain Honor from Deathmatch, Major Clash, Occupy, and Team Battle.
    * Only your team's CP will be displayed in the Team Battle loading screen.
    * Matchmaking will no longer be retained after an RvR mode ends.
    * Fixed an error where a Catapult in Occupy could not be mounted due to blocked space.

    6. Party and Matchmaking System
    * Party settings have been improved.
    - A party leader can configure Party Display Settings in Party Settings.
    - Party level limit can be set by a party leader.
    - Party can be set to be displayed in public or private.

    * When there's a player who needs to reconnect at the loading screen after matchmaking, it’ll be notified via a system message.

    * When players are matchmade for RvR or dungeons during field hunting, they'll continue to do so without being halted until they enter any of the modes.

    7. Character Selection
    * The recently played server will now be displayed upon entering the character selection menu.

    8. Drain
    * Drain's modifier has been slightly increased.

    [Bug Fixes]
    * You'll no longer be transferred to the character selection menu when you enter the portal to move to a different area.
    * The Drain stat will be now applied correctly in Maze of the Abyss.
    * The reward animation played after Deathmatch weekly rank calculation will no longer be displayed after the update.
    * You'll no longer be transferred to the enemy zone when a reconnection issue occurs while using a portal.
    * Fixed an error that caused an abnormal UI and effect display when a device's language was set in German.
    * Fixed an error that displayed game graphics in pink when running the game after using a certain app.
    * Fixed an error where Holy Water III could not be used when registering them during the cooldown after Holy Water I had been used.
    * Fixed an error that occasionally displayed a dark screen at the character selection menu upon logging in.
    * Fixed an error where a character disappeared occasionally when it cast a debuff on Pell in Deathmatch.
    * Fixed an error that applied a full screen option when a device's full screen option was set as either automatic or turned off.
    * Fixed an error that caused a character to own a Title in a certain condition even if it was not included in the Alliance Rank.
    * Fixed an error that occasionally displayed an error pop-up when attempting to link to HIVE while logged in as a guest.
    * Fixed an error that displayed the Ride button cut off on a certain device.
    * Aizen's stat increase values will now be displayed correctly in Help.
    * Beast Pit will now be auto-progressed correctly without stopping.
    * We've noticed that Warrior's Relics, Blacksmith's Relics, and Jeweler's Relics can still be transferred to the Account Warehouse.
    - Although this was not intended by game design, we decided to keep the current feature to avoid confusion.
    * Fixed an error where a character launched an attack in the air when its target had become far away in Deathmatch.
    * Items obtained from opening a Gob's Relic will now be correctly displayed.
    - Previously, their icons weren't displayed even if the actual items could be claimed correctly.
    * Fixed an error that displayed an incorrect resolution for the remaining time of Maze of the Abyss on a certain device.
    * Fixed an error that did not display the equipped costume on the field upon upgrading an armor.
    * The sound effect of counting scores in the Major Clash result screen will only be played once as intended.
    * Maze of the Abyss entry limit description has been edited.
    * A missing Help description for Gob's Vault Quick Clear Ticket has been added.
    * A missing Help description for items that prevent Big Time Failure when enhancing Jewels has been added.

    Onward to Victory!
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