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    Post [Scheduled Maintenance] v2.1.0 Update (8/15 1:00PM - 9:00PM PDT)[Complete]

    Greetings, Elunes!

    Due to the various in-game changes (such as changes to the Alliance Boss system, along with the addition of the new summon mileage system and introduction of the new World Boss mode) a maintenance will be required this time around for the new update.

    Maintenance Schedule:
    8/15 1:00PM -9:00PM PDT

    Maintenance Compensation:
    10+1 Premium Elune Summon + 100 Aeons

    Reward for World Boss Content arrival on 8/20 PDT:
    10+1 Premium Elune Summon

    During the maintenance times, Elune will be unavailable for play.

    We apologize for the interruption of service and will do our best to have a smooth update and have the servers back up as quickly as possible!

    Thank you so much for your understanding and patience!

    Greetings, Elunes!

    Bringing an update to more changes that are planned to happen in the v2.1.0 patch!

    The following patch notes are PART 2 of the previous patch details that have yet to be implemented.

    Please refer back to this post for updates still yet to come:

    The following patch notes are PART 2 of the previous patch details that have yet to be implemented and will be implemented together for the v2.1.0 update.

    1. Selective Summon <Season 2> will be coming soon.
    - Selective Summon will now guarantee at least 1 Legendary, and up to 2 Legendaries.
    - This Season's Legendary Hero list will be the following: Baldr, McCarthy, Reve, Caroline, Arslan.

    2. Aeon Improvements
    - Pirate Darktures will be decreased (Previous: Normal 15 / Hard 20 -> Changed: 10)
    - Boss Aeon Entry has been decreased (Previous 3/6/9/12 -> 3/4/5/6)
    *We will continue to monitor the Aeon consumption issue during all of August.

    3. New Elune Mileage System Added
    - [Event Summon Rate Up] Mileage will be added. You will gain the 5* Elune when the Mileage is filled.
    - [Event Summon Rate Up] Mileage will increase 1 point per 1 Ruby spent.
    - [Event Summon Rate Up] Mileage will disappear after the Summon Event

    4. Mileage Shop will be Renewed.
    New Items will be added with new limits.

    5. Alvida's Event Summon Rate Up Event will be extended!
    - Event will be extended by the following date: After Update~ 08/19 7:59 AM PDT.
    - New Mileage System will be added to the Alvida's Event Summon Rate Up.
    - Players will receive Mileage Points for any Rubies used for the Alvida's Event Summon during 8/7 10:00 PM ~ 8/13 10:00 AM PDT.
    - Mileage Points will be added after the Update.
    - Any Players that have filled their Mileage can summon an "Alvida"

    1. Alliance Boss Summon notice will be removed due to the System Change

    1. Passive Activation Order has been changed.
    Eris, Lescar, Nika Passive will activate first than Farenheit's Passive
    2. 1st Elune Skill Balance Patch will take place.

    [Update Preview]
    1. World Boss Content will arrive on 8/20. Details will be revealed later.
    2. The Update Reward will be <10+1 Premium Summon>

    [Bug Fixes]
    1. Fixed an issue where the camera angle would sometimes display incorrectly when using certain skills.
    2. Improved ingame resources to reduce issue of broken text.
    3. Fixed a flickering issue that would sometimes occur during the slow-mo scene at the end of a battle.
    4. Fixed an issue where the NPC quest stage was not being displayed on the map.
    5. Fixed a help tool tip related to Abnormal Statuses in skill descriptions.
    6. Fixed an issue where Stella was unable to select any targets in the Imae Alliance Boss.
    7. Fixed an issue that occurred when you press the back key on your device after completing an adventure NPC quest.
    8. Fixed an issue with Auto battle in Adventure battles where the camera started to move after Wave 2 of a battle.
    9. Fixed an issue where the increase in maximum Aeon from account level ups were not being displayed right away.
    10. Fixed an issue that caused an error popup to display when exploration was completed and the claim button was pressed several times.

    We will make announcements for any changes and updates made to the patch notes.
    Thank you!
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