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    Default Too many AI In live battle

    Lately I’ve been matched up mostly against all legend - all rank 3 level teams who only wants to play AI during live battle. The developers should limit the amount of time teams can use AI during live greatly diminishes the value of live battle when playing against the computer instead of a live person. It’s called live battle, not AI battle

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    Amen! 🙏

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    The real problem here is, what's giving these type of players the confidence to switch to the AI mode and reassuring them that they'll end up with a high win/loss ratio by the end of the week? It's the fact that they're using an all Legends, rank 3 team. Why wouldn't they? With such a team, the AI won't swing at anything outside the strike zone and will make solid contact with anything that lands inside the strike zone. Of course, the pitching AI is a joke, as we discovered in a recent post by Danimal, but still, you only have a chance to make solid contact with the rank 3, Legend's pitch if you predict the location of the next pitch and your batter's stats are sufficient enough. So guess what, anyone with an A+ overall team or less (a majority of players) matched to these type of players have zero hope of winning unless they're willing to grind it out and are able to magically get bloop singles here and there.

    Here's what should be done:

    Keep track of how many times the player has used AI mode. The more times it's used, the less rewards they receive at the end of the week, and the dumber the AI becomes for their team to the eventual point where their pitchers are throwing meatballs straight down the middle of the plate for all pitches and their batters are swinging at every pitch outside the zone.


    Of course, Gamevil will do absolutely nothing. Why? Because they knew that this would be the outcome of introducing the rank boosting system. Many whales spend hordes of money in order to gain a huge advantage over the majority of the competition, and everyone else is stuck having to face these type of players while they get to simulate every live battle game and still win a majority of their games.
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    Default Good Call

    I agree with you, there’s nothing more frustrating than jumping on to have a a game against a real person and then getting AI’d

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