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    Default [Event] Lina's Special Check-In Event [11/8 ~ 11/14 PST]

    Greetings Champions!

    Need more Stamina to raise your Lina?
    Check in everyday and take on the Daily Dungeon to get rewards~
    Check out our latest event in the Events page.

    Event Duration:
    Global : 11/8 ~ 11/14 PST
    SEA : 11/8 ~ 11/14 SGT


    You can access the Special Check-In Event Page by clicking
    Lobby > Events > Special Check-In

    Special Check-In
    Check in Daily and get 500 Stamina!

    Daily Dungeon Run
    Challenge the Daily Dungeon and receive some amazing rewards!

    [Event Disclaimers]
    ※ Event participation is limited to once per account.
    ※ Rewards must be tapped before event ends in order to be claimed. Untapped rewards cannot be recovered.
    ※ Items not claimed from your mailbox cannot be recovered.
    ※ Exploiting the game through the event system may result in a penalty according to our poliicies.
    ※ Questions:
    ※ If you experience any issues, please contact our Customer Support at :

    [Mission Event]
    ※ All characters on the same account will contribute to mission progress.
    ※ Expired missions will not be available for the event.
    ※ Event Rewards can only be claimed during the mission participation period.

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    Default why? they removed the halloween event 24 hours before

    why? they removed the halloween event 24 hours before
    I know people who finished the whole event but didn't claim anything...

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