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    Default [Notice] November Update: Coming Soon!

    Hello Talions,

    Please read the following information detailing the upcoming November update and future update plans.
    This update will be applied some time in November. We'll inform you as soon as the date is confirmed.

    The following updates will be made:
    ① New Wings Growth Features ② RvR Matchmaking Improvements and New Vengeance System ③ Occupy Improvements ④ Major Clash Improvements ⑤ Deathmatch Matchmaking Improvements

    We'll provide more information in detail via patch notes.

    ▶ November Updates
    ■ New Wings Growth Features
    1) New Wing Grades
    Wing grades will be expanded for those who have already transcended Wings to the highest grade (Mythical).
    2 more grades that are higher than the current top grade, Mythical will be added. You will be able to transcend your Wings beyond Mythical in the next update.

    2) Possession Bonuses
    Compared to other Growth modes, Wings only had the Equip Buffs.
    After the November update, you'll also receive additional stats based on the number of wings you have on top of the stats received from currently equipped Wings.

    3) Subdivided Total Level Buffs
    Total Level Buffs will be subdivided into several stages.

    4) Wing Transcend Materials Above Mythical Grade
    Wing Transcend Materials that have a higher grade than Mythical will be added.
    These materials are required to transcend your Wings beyond the Mythical grade.

    ■ RvR Matchmaking Improvements and New Vengeance System
    1) Improved RvR Matchmaking
    We'll now have better RvR matchmaking conditions.
    We've realized that battles became loose or ended too quickly, unlike our design purpose. This is due to a huge CP gap between players during matchmaking.
    We'll improve this system by including more players in the matchmaking pool and matching players based on their CP.
    In addition, we'll add a feature that encourages players outside the queue to participate in RvR modes in order to balance players for Alliance with a few participants.
    Invited players will receive a bonus reward upon finishing the mode they're invited to.

    2) RvR Vengeance System
    The long-awaited [Vengeance] system has been added.
    When you die and revive in RvR, you'll gain this [Vengeance] buff.
    This increases your ATK and Move Speed for a certain period of time.
    There's a cooldown for obtaining Vengeance. Buff level increases based on the number of your deaths.

    The improved matchmaking rules and the Vengeance system will be applied to the following modes:
    ① Team Battle
    ② Major Clash
    ③ Occupy

    ■ Occupy Improvements
    1) Improved Support Role
    The Support role will see its improvement as many of you have reported that this role is insignificant compared to the rest of roles.
    It will now capture Bases faster than the other roles, bringing their importance up in Occupy.

    2) Increased Importance of Objects Other Than Base
    Capturing Altars and Stables will now earn Occupy points in order to bring about more tactical play.
    We're hoping they'll now be more strategically important than before.

    3) Improved Individual Contribution
    We believe that calculating points solely based on kills/assists is not fair enough in terms of Contribution. Therefore, we've also decided to give points for actions that contribute to your victory such as capturing objects, using catapults, etc.

    4) Improved Ancient Power
    We'll improve Ancient Power as it's become strategically insignificant in Occupy.
    The Ancient Power buffs will be greatly increased, and additional Ancient Power will be generated on the team's main base losing by a huge difference to provide them a chance to turn the tide of battle.

    5) Healer NPC
    A healer NPC will be stationed on each side to prevent Occupy from becoming one-sided battle.

    6) Etc.
    You'll now be able to mount a Ride in your main base as long as a Stable is occupied.

    ■ Major Clash Improvements
    A 15-sec Shield will be cast on both Governors in Major Clash twice throughout the battle.
    You cannot attack the Governors while the Shield is active.

    ■ Improved Deathmatch Matchmaking and Rank Points
    1) Matchmaking
    Players with low ranks will now be matched based on their CP, whereas players who exceeds a certain rank range will be matched based on their ranks.
    We hope that this will minimize unfair matching that results in a huge CP gap difference.

    2) Rank Points
    Battles between players with high CP will now provide more points as matching is not easily made for them.

    ■ Guild Raid Reward Improvements
    Currently, any Guild member can receive a Guild Raid Reward even if they haven't participated in the Guild Raid.
    Rewards will now be given only the Guild members who actually take part in Guild Raid in order to encourage more participation.

    ■ Guild Battle Reward Improvements
    Guild members who are not able to join Guild Battle due to participant limit will also receive a reward.
    Only the Guild members that are online while Guild Battle is in progress will receive a Guild Battle Reward; Members who are offline will not receive a reward.

    ■ Kyle Improvements
    You'll now become unaffected by disabled actions when using the Overwhelm skill.
    Fixed an error where the Rush skill didn't hit enemies accurately in certain situations.
    Damage detection conditions for the Subdue skill have been improved.

    ■ Velletrin Improvements
    Damage detection conditions for the Flash Bomb skill have been improved.

    * These features are currently in development. Details may be subject to change.

    Thank you for your support!
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